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Exposure To Passive Smoking At Work Linked To Increased Adult Asthma

Tweet Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) at work, mainly in the 1970s and 1980s, was associated with a 40% increased risk of developing asthma in young adults, according to new research presented today at The British Thoracic Society Annual Winter Meeting (Friday 4th December). The major study, conducted at Imperial College, London in collaboration with other universities and occupational experts used information on the job history of ... Jump to full article >>

Nick Minchin was a sceptic on tobacco

Tweet THERE must be something in the acronym ETS that makes leading climate change sceptic Nick Minchin see red. In the mid 1990s, the letters ETS stood for environmental tobacco smoke or passive smoking, as evidence around the world increasingly linked side-stream smoke to lung cancers in non-smokers and respiratory illnesses in children. Medical scientists and health professionals lobbied for tougher anti-smoking laws. They came to Canberra ar ... Jump to full article >>

Childhood smoke exposure could initiate atherosclerosis early on in life

Tweet By Anita Wilkinson Eur Heart J 2009; Advance access publication MedWire News: Children exposed to cigarette smoke have a low-grade inflammatory response and altered markers of lipid metabolism that may initiate atherosclerosis early on in life, a German study suggests. Environmental tobacco exposure was associated with unfavourable levels of several cardiometabolic biomarkers in 10-year-olds, which the researchers say suggests an adverse ef ... Jump to full article >>