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E-Cigarette Industry Wins Federal Court Victory

Tweet The fledgling electronic-cigarette industry scored another victory against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court Monday, potentially setting the stage for the battery-powered devices to be regulated like conventional tobacco products. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected the FDA’s request to have the entire court review a December decision by a three-judge panel that went against the age ... Jump to full article >>

FDA Appeals Electronic Cigarette Ruling

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration is appealing a federal judge’s ruling that the agency doesn’t have the authority to regulate electronic cigarettes. The FDA on Monday night asked a federal appeals court in Washington to immediately stay an order that prevented the agency from blocking electronic cigarettes from entering the country. The FDA said it does have the authority to regulate some products containing nicotine as though t ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic cigarette promoted as ‘safer alternative’

Tweet When can a cigarette be legally smoked in a place of business, restaurant, bar or even on a commercial airplane? Anytime would be the answer if the “cigarette” is one of the electronic products now on the market. The “healthier alternative” by Smart Smoker is similar to a patch or chewing gum, as it provides an alternative nicotine delivery system, that is available in pharmacies to help a person in his quest to stop ... Jump to full article >>

Experts Denounce New Jersey Law Restricting Use of Electronic Cigarette

Tweet A law passed last week by the New Jersey Senate is raising the ire of public health experts, anti-smoking activists, and consumer advocacy groups. The bill, sponsored by Senators Bob Gordon and Joseph Vitale, prohibits the use of so-called electronic cigarettes where smoking is prohibited, making e-cigarettes subject to the provisions of the New Jersey Smoke Free Air Act. The problem? The devices don’t produce any smoke. Dr. David Bar ... Jump to full article >>

‘Electronic’ cigarettes spark several concerns

Tweet Todd Charron began puffing on a battery-powered electronic cigarette as an alternative to his regular Marlboro cigarettes and also to save a little money. “I don’t want to put a positive or negative spin on it,” he said, referring to the e-cigarette, which delivers a preset dose of nicotine, but none of tobacco’s tar, through a vapor mist. “It’s definitely not like smoking a cigarette, but it’s not ... Jump to full article >>

Quitting Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes: New Study Proves 45% Success Rate

Tweet A Recently Completed Medical Study Conducted in South Africa Shows An Impressive 45% Success Rate When Using Electronic Cigarettes As A Smoking Cessation Tool. In the first government controlled official study of the electronic cigarette’s effectiveness as a smoking cessation aid e-cigs show an impressive 45% success rate. The study, conducted in South Africa, consisted of 349 smokers. At the conclusion of the two month study 45% of those ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic Cigarette Company In Negotiations With Philip Morris

Tweet What many electronic cigarette users have feared from day one may be in the works Philip Morris, the biggest maker of tobacco cigarettes in the US, has been discovered to be in talks with Ruyan Group, which manufactured the original electronic cigarette several years back in 2005. A news article found on states the seriousness of the matter: “Ruyan Group said that an agreement between the Company and Philip Morris Internation ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic Cigarette Site Locates Best Deals for the Popular Product

Tweet Anyone in the market for a new e cigarette can testify to how difficult it is to weed out the good from the bad e cigarettes. Fortunately, a website makes it possible for all potential e cigarette users to find the best of the best in one spot! With all of the brands of the best cigarettes on the market, deciding which one to buy can be confusing. E Cigarettes Junction, an online shopping site, has made the process of finding what they call ... Jump to full article >>

Circumvent Smoking Bans with Electronic Cigarettes

Tweet Smoking bans are getting out of control, but the electronic cigarette is quickly becoming the dominant alternative to those who are suffering from them. At one point, you could justifiably expect to be restricted from smoking on public forms of transportation or in your office but nowadays bans are extending far beyond the confines of public buildings. Some North American cities even prohibit smoking in parks or on city streets. So what ... Jump to full article >>

A Black Market For Electronic Cigarettes?

Tweet The FDA wants to ban electronic cigarettes, claiming that they have not been adequately tested and therefore pose a threat to the American public. Supporters of the electronic cigarette say the FDA is being brash and using the media to feed incomplete, big corporation biased information to the American public. Will debate create a black market for electronic cigarettes? A war is being waged between the FDA and electronic cigarette supporte ... Jump to full article >>