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Why a Ban on E-Cigs Would Be Wrong?

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to protect the public’s health and safety. So why is it trying to block the sale of an electronic alternative to cigarettes that can save people’s lives by simulating smoking without burning tobacco? Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices that deliver nicotine in a vapor composed mainly of the food additive propylene glycol. There’s no que ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigs are Sold to Minors in Arizona

Tweet CBS 11 reporters took a hidden camera and visited several kiosks that sell electronic smoking devices across Arizona and found that the majority of them are selling their products to teenagers without even asking their age. Ok, everybody knows that electronic cigs are legal, and there are no written age-restrictions for their sales, at least currently. But, scientists doubt their safety for usage by human and particularly kids. Samir Sabry, ... Jump to full article >>

New Innovation Could Soon Free Non-Smokers from the Fog

Tweet LUCERNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A Swiss innovation is flying in the face of the economic recession and proving that a rethink is necessary even in difficult times. A Swiss company is seeking to make a name for itself with a new idea to protect non-smokers through innovative thinking and, at the same time, enable smokers to continue consuming their nicotine. Buoyed by a great deal of self-confidence and harboring high expect ... Jump to full article >>