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Should I use e-cigarettes to help me quit smoking?

Tweet Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices made of plastic or metal that heat a liquid nicotine solution, creating vapour that users inhale. The $1.5 billion e-cigarette industry says the nicotine vaporizers are a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco. The World Health Organisation and some regulatory bodies, on the other hand, showed grave concern for people using e-cigarettes and seek more restrictive rules. With these two op ... Jump to full article >>

Do e-cigarettes help people quit smoking?

Tweet A new study suggests that e-cigarettes don’t actually help people to quit smoking, but its authors have raised doubts about their own research. Nothing quite divides anti-tobacco advocates these days like the debate on whether e-cigarettes can actually help people quit. So a study like this one from the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education is bound to draw attention. The science on e-cigarettes is still young, adding to the c ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cigarettes May Give Hope To Smokers Looking To Quit

Tweet The first-ever clinical trial of electronic cigarettes has found they may be better than nicotine patches for those trying to kick the habit. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health says the findings give hope to those who have tried to quit smoking in the past but failed. Listen to WBZ NewsRadio 1030′s Diane Stern extended interview with Siegel: play “It’s somewhat remarkable to find 13-percent of smokers who ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigarette Consumer Group Promotes Freedom of Choice in Times Square

Tweet A new ad has appeared on the CBS SuperScreen in Times Square telling smokers they have a choice. National Vapers Club has furnished this ad and accompanying website in order to raise awareness about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that vaporize a liquid — similar to that found in fog machines –that sometimes contains nicotine. They are in danger of being banned in many jurisdiction ... Jump to full article >>

Miracle cure or menace? E-cigarette faces ban as safety debate rages over unregulated quit-smoking device

Tweet Advocates believe e-cigarettes provide a stepping-stone to quitting, but opponents say their health impact is unknown. Now New York is considering a state-wide ban… Hundreds of thousands of smokers who try to quit the habit fail every year despite trying exercise, nicotine patches and good old-fashioned will-power. Now electronic cigarettes are being touted as the latest ‘stop smoking’ device. These battery-powered sticks ... Jump to full article >>

FDA says e-cigarette companies must seek regulatory approval

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration fired another shot across the bow of the electronic cigarette industry Thursday, warning five companies that their products need to be approved as drugs and/or drug delivery devices and calling on other companies to meet with the agency to discuss obtaining marketing approval. The agency had previously warned consumers that many electronic cigarettes contained dangerous chemicals, and it has taken steps to b ... Jump to full article >>

Stop-Smoking Diary

Tweet Tuesday 7 a.m.: This begins my e-cigarette diary. The starter kit came in the mail last week, but I lacked the fortitude to switch from real cigarettes until today. I’ve been smoking on and off since fifth grade, when a group of us would meet in scruffy patches of New Britain woods and puff Pall Malls stolen from someone’s mother. I’m 48 now and I must find an alternative to tobacco. I can’t bear to think of my black ... Jump to full article >>

Special Interest Deceptions Continue to Rampant About Electronic Cigarettes

Tweet Over the last few weeks there has been an increase of the amount of scare language that is used by e cigarette opposition in an attempt to scare the population concerning the electronic cigarette. Many are questioning the tactics of these groups when the evidence clearly shows that the product is indeed a safer alternative to tobacco according to several studies, lab reports and opinions from top medial and harm reduction specialist around ... Jump to full article >>

Anti-Smoking Groups Attack the Electronic Cigarette

Tweet COLLEYVILLE, TX, November 01, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — What started as a noble cause with lobbying groups like the American Cancer Society, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, is now morphing into a multi headed monster as they became a victim of their own success. Both have campaigned and succeeded in getting stricter laws on drunk drivers and smoking which most all of us applaud. They do ... Jump to full article >>

The Real Meaning of the FDA’s Anti E-Cigarette

Tweet On February this year, the FDA got sued by two of the most popular E-cigarette companies in the US- Njoy & Smoking everywhere. They sued for seizing and sending back product stocks shipped from China. FDA didn’t want the products enter the. WHY?! FDA, like other federal offices is not driven only by the public’s benefits, there are many other factors than that. Their excuse was the fact the Electronic cigarette is still unde ... Jump to full article >>