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NYPD takes on Indians to halt billion-$$ flow

Tweet MOHAWK NATION OF AKWESASNE — The NYPD has gone on the reservation — sending its drug czar upstate to try to help cut off a massive pipeline of pot and ecstasy to the city run by Mohawk Indian smugglers on the Canadian border. “I was astounded at how lenient the border is,” said Chief Joseph Resnick, head of the NYPD’s narcotics division. He spoke after a trip six weeks ago to the Akwesasne reservation, which st ... Jump to full article >>

Time to ban most deadly drug of all

Tweet A REPORT that puts the social cost of cigarette smoking to Australia at $31 billion has prompted health groups to say it is a mandate to raise the already hefty taxes on cigarettes even further. They are wrong, in fact it is a mandate to ban cigarettes altogether. The report, by the Cancer Council of Western Australia, assessed the economic impact of both the tobacco industry itself, as well as public health measures aimed at reducing tobac ... Jump to full article >>

U.S. backs vaccines for drug, nicotine addiction

Tweet CHICAGO (Reuters) – Hooked on cocaine or cigarettes? The U.S. government wants drug companies to make a vaccine for that. Convinced of the need for new and better treatments for addiction, the government is focusing its efforts on vaccine development as a new way to treat and possibly prevent addiction to a range of addictive substances. “It’s a perspective that is very different from what we’ve operated on in the p ... Jump to full article >>