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Television review: ‘Skins’ on MTV features lots of teen sex and drug use

Tweet From the beginning, which is to say Charles Dickens, stories revolving around the lives of children and adolescents often shared a similar theme. Facing adversity, most often in the form of poverty and/or dead parents, children banded together to create surrogate families of great resourcefulness and loyalty. In the old days, these situations were usually temporary —- at some point a benevolent (and rich) adult stepped in — Oliver and & ... Jump to full article >>

Chancellor discusses ‘occasional’ drug use in his younger years

Tweet Chanceelor Alistair Darling has told how he was an ‘occasional’ user of cannabis when he was younger. In an admission echoing Bill Clinton’s revelation that he had tried the drug but did not inhale, Mr Darling added that he had not liked the taste. The Chancellor, who first admitted in 2007 that he tried cannabis while at university, talked openly about his drug taking experiences in a magazine interview. [caption id="atta ... Jump to full article >>

Teen Smoking Facts

Tweet How is it greatly affected by the teenagers’ level of education about smoking There are more anti smoking method being taken today than ever before, yet some teenagers disregard what they are told and begin to smoke anyway. This could be due to the fact that, despite all of our good efforts, these children are still not being fully educated about the very real dangers of smoking. Teenagers are at danger for very serious health problem ... Jump to full article >>