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Fifth-grader uses personal story to tell of tobacco’s dangers

Tweet Bountiful fifth-grader Brock Martin never met his paternal grandfather. They never went fishing together or talked about sports. Tobacco use ended the relationship before it even started. Brock’s grandpa died of throat cancer long before he was born — when his own father, Mike, was 15. So, when Brock’s classmates at Tolman Elementary began crafting their entries for the Utah Department of Health’s TRUTH from Youth An ... Jump to full article >>

Special Interest Deceptions Continue to Rampant About Electronic Cigarettes

Tweet Over the last few weeks there has been an increase of the amount of scare language that is used by e cigarette opposition in an attempt to scare the population concerning the electronic cigarette. Many are questioning the tactics of these groups when the evidence clearly shows that the product is indeed a safer alternative to tobacco according to several studies, lab reports and opinions from top medial and harm reduction specialist around ... Jump to full article >>

Patricia Henley: Won Landmark Judgments Against Tobacco Companies

Tweet Using her voice and personality, Patricia Henley was entertaining people from a piano top in North Beach, San Francisco when she was just a child. Decades later Patricia’s gumption, and her desire to do the right thing, would carry her into battle against a huge corporation she knew had lied to her—and which was lying to and recklessly endangering all of our children. When her legal battle ended, she directed a portion of the monetary g ... Jump to full article >>

How cigarette smoke in your carpet could harm your baby.

Tweet We’re all aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke; only recently, a leading doctor said smoking should be banned in cars carrying children. But could there be even greater worry? Could you suffer the effects of passive smoking from simply travelling in a smoker’s car – even if they haven’t lit up? Is that nasty ash-tray tang that lingers on car-seat fabric, curtains in homes and the clothes of the nicotine addict s ... Jump to full article >>

Study finds pet owners who smoke will try to quit for animals’ health

Tweet About 28 percent of pet owners who smoke would try to quit if they knew that secondhand smoke endangered their pets, according to recent research. “Pet owners’ attitudes and behaviours related to smoking and second-hand smoke: a pilot study” appeared in the April issue of the journal Tobacco Control. Among the authors is the late Ronald M. Davis, MD, who championed the One Health Initiative when he was president of the Ame ... Jump to full article >>