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Why Naomi Campbell matters to Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial

Tweet The former Liberian president is being tried on 11 counts of war crimes, including charges of murder, rape and sexual slavery, in a trial that has already lasted two years. Mr Taylor, 62, is accused by prosecutors of trading in “blood diamonds” to fund a brutal and bloody war carried out by rebels in Liberia’s neighbouring Sierra Leone. Critical to their case is the allegation that his staff gave the supermodel gems as a present after ... Jump to full article >>

41 are indicted in $11 million cigarette ring

Tweet Federal authorities are rounding up 41 people indicted in an alleged $11 million Monroe County contraband cigarette ring and related crimes. None of those named lives in Monroe County, says the U.S. Justice Department for Pennsylvania’s Middle District and the federal Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The vast majority are from metropolitan New York. Two live in Philadelphia, one is from Allentown, one is from Michi ... Jump to full article >>