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Paramount’s ‘Rango’ Has Lit Up a Smoking Controversy

Tweet Anti-smoking campaigners have branded the animated film Rango a public health hazard for encouraging children to take up the habit. A raft of groups said the PG feature, which opened last Friday, is setting a bad example by featuring more than 60 instances of characters puffing away. The only other film which came close was 101 Dalmatians in which Cruella de Vil smoked all the time. Even the lead character, Rango the chameleon, swallows a c ... Jump to full article >>

The Smoking Ban Controversy

Tweet “Providing a smoking area within the same building with one ventilation system is like designating a urinating area in a swimming pool.” CEBU had an existing ban on smoking in public establishments. The laudable goal was to have a smoke-free city by year 2006. Achieving this would earn Cebu the enviable distinction of being one of the healthiest cities and tourist spots in the world. However, there were some city legislators who want to ... Jump to full article >>