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Lorillard CEO: No need to venture beyond cigs

Tweet RICHMOND, Va. — Lorillard Inc. CEO Murray Kessler says there’s no immediate need for the cigarette maker to venture into other forms of tobacco like its competitors. In an investor presentation on Wednesday in New York, Kessler said the nation’s third-largest cigarette maker will continue to focus on its core business. Its flagship Newport brand holds about 35 percent of the marlboro cigarette market and about 10 percent o ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco firms breathe easy post budget 2011

Tweet Union Budget 2010-11 may have come as a positive surprise for tobacco companies, which were bracing themselves for an excise duty hike. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee kept excise rates unchanged for cigars and cigarettes. Structural changes in the excise duty on cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos coupled with an increase in rates, which had been proposed in the last budget to the tune of 10-18% have been kept unchanged. These items would ... Jump to full article >>

Court tosses out city’s tobacco-sales ordinance

Tweet A narrowly divided state Supreme Court has voided a 4-year-old city ordinance that was designed to curtail the use of cigars, cigarettes, rolling papers and other tobacco products as vehicles for marijuana and other illegal drugs, the court announced Thursday. The state’s high court ruled 4-3 that the ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Brian O’Neill, was inconsistent with state law regulating tobacco products and drug parapherna ... Jump to full article >>

Legislator Ruhut can no longer afford cigars

Tweet JAKARTA: Eccentric Democratic Party politician Ruhut Sitompul says he can no longer pursue his hobby of collecting cigars after becoming a House of Representatives legislator. “The cigars I have are leftover gifts clients gave me,” Ruhut, previously a prominent attorney, said at the House of Representatives on Monday. Ruhut said that when he was still practicing law he could earn between Rp 1 billion (US$112,000) to Rp 3 billion a month ... Jump to full article >>

Councilman proposes taxing cigars, smokeless tobacco

Tweet City Councilman Darrell L. Clarke wants the city to venture where the state has not yet dared to go: the taxing of chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and cigars. Clarke said he would introduce on Thursday a bill setting a 3.6-cent tax on each cigar and a 36 cents-per-ounce tax on loose forms of tobacco. That would mean 43 cents on a typical 1.2-ounce can of chewing tobacco. Snuff is also included, as are rolling papers, at a yet-to-be-determine ... Jump to full article >>

State officials move to fight candy-flavored tobacco

Tweet State officials are seeking $3 million in federal stimulus money to snuff out candy-flavored chewing tobacco and cigars that critics say are aimed at youths. If the Department of Health Services receives the federal grant and lawmakers approve, it would fund a statewide campaign to persuade local communities around Wisconsin to ban sales of products like cherry-flavored chaw. A state official said this backdoor approach could eventually lea ... Jump to full article >>

Blowing smoke

Tweet That’s the response from some Plymouth bar and restaurant managers to Michigan’s new workplace smoking law, which will ban smoking inside their establishments come next May. The long-debated bill was signed into law Friday by Gov. Jennifer Granholm. It prohibits smoking at most indoor workplaces, with exceptions for truck cabs, cigar bars and tobacco shops, as well as the gaming floors of Detroit’s three casinos. “I do n ... Jump to full article >>

Kretek Sues FDA To Stop Possible Flavored-Cigar Ban

Tweet A top importer of clove-flavored cigars filed suit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in federal court Wednesday to prevent the agency from banning flavored cigars. The suit comes a day after a ban on flavored cigarettes went into effect and after FDA officials warned companies not to try to circumvent the ban by introducing little cigars or other products similar to Vogue cigarettes. The lawsuit is the latest among other suits f ... Jump to full article >>

Black Americans and Tobacco

Tweet The onset of slavery in America can be directly linked to the beginning of tobacco production in this country. Though many factors contributed to slavery in the New World, tobacco was the main reason that slavery first flourished as an industry. By the mid-1600s the slave trade flourished with established routes connecting North America, Africa and the West Indies. Manufactured goods were traded for African Natives; the African Natives wer ... Jump to full article >>

Current facts for the Inter-tabac trade fair: prices of tobacco products continue to rise

Tweet WIESBADEN – As the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports on the occasion of the Inter­national Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories, the prices of karelia cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and of fine-cut tobacco (tobacco products) rose by 7.0% in the two years between August 2007 and August 2009. Compared with the preceding year, the prices of tobacco products were up 5.2%. In contrast, the consumer prices of all ... Jump to full article >>