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Missouri Lawmaker Wants Statewide Vote on Cigarette Tax Increase

Tweet JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri House member Chris Kelly (D-Columbia) wants voters to raise the state’s cigarette tax by 81 cents per pack. Currently, Missouri’s 17-cent cigarette tax is the lowest in the country; Kelly’s proposal would increase it to 98 cents per pack. Kelly outlined his plan to a House committee last Thursday, according to the report. Kelly proposed a future statewide vote in which state residents ... Jump to full article >>

Poor grades for Kentucky, Indiana in tobacco report

Tweet LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) — Both Kentucky and Indiana receive poor grades in the American Lung Association’s State of Tobacco Control 2010 report. It looks at whether the laws in individual states are protecting people from tobacco-related diseases. The report grades each state in four categories — tobacco prevention and spending, smokefree air, cigarette taxes, and cessation coverage. Kentucky received an “F&# ... Jump to full article >>

Call for cigarette taxes to be raised after Europe ruling

Tweet Anti-smoking group Ash Ireland has called on the Government to increase taxes on cigarettes after the European Court of Justice ruled that Irish legislation which empowers the Government to fix a minimum price for cigarettes violates European law. In a judgment handed down yesterday, the court found Ireland had breached a directive which sets down rules governing the calculation of excise duty on tobacco products. The case dates back severa ... Jump to full article >>

New Bottle Deposits, Higher Fees

Tweet Bottled water wasn’t on the radar screen when the state’s bottle bill was passed three decades ago. But time, and the state legislature, have caught up. On Thursday, water and other non-carbonated beverages sold in bottles will join bottled soda and beer in requiring nickel deposits, redeemable when shoppers return the empties. The change was approved by the state legislature this year — unanimously in the House of Representat ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet You may have missed it, but New York got a brand-new Indian reservation this month — consisting entirely of two Upstate convenience stores. A state appellate court ruled that the outlets, owned and operated by the Cayuga Indian tribe on nonreservation land, count as a “qualified reservation” for taxing purposes, thus voiding local efforts to halt the Cayugas’ illicit tobacco trade. The tribe claims its “soverei ... Jump to full article >>