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British Parliament Votes to Ban Cigarettes With Branding

Tweet The government wants to reduce cigarette sales Cigarette manufacturers in the United Kingdom may be barred from putting their logos on packets by 2016, after an overwhelming majority of Parliament voted Wednesday for the new measure. Under the proposed law, cigarettes sold in Britain would no longer bear logos, trademarks or graphics. Instead, they would be sold in plain, standardized packets listing brand names and health warnings. The mea ... Jump to full article >>

Ottawa to increase size of tobacco warnings to cover 3/4 of cigarette package

Tweet New anti-smoking warnings on cigarette packs, to be announced by the federal government Thursday, will feature images of an iconic Canadian cancer victim and cover a full three-quarters of the packages’ surface. The significant increase in the size of the often-stark ads comes after opposition MPs on the House of Commons health committee recently threw their weight behind a long-standing movement to bump up the mandatory ads from the curr ... Jump to full article >>