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Is China’s Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America?

Tweet China has succumbed to hubris. It has mistaken the soft diplomacy of Barack Obama for weakness, mistaken the US credit crisis for decline, and mistaken its own mercantilist bubble for ascendancy. There are echoes of Anglo-German spats before the First World War, when Wilhelmine Berlin so badly misjudged the strategic balance of power and over-played its hand. Within a month the US Treasury must rule whether China is a “currency manipu ... Jump to full article >>

Threats of Execution May Keep China Products Safer

Tweet China executed two people and imprisoned others as a warning not to endanger the public safety by producing harmful exports. On November 24, a dairy farmer and a milk salesman were put to death in the 2008 scheme to water down infant formula that left at least six children dead and sickened more than 300,000. In a move to reassure the world that China will protect its exports from unethical producers, those responsible were severely punishe ... Jump to full article >>

China seizes 2.4 bln counterfeit cigarettes

Tweet BEIJING, July 17 (Xinhua) — China seized nearly 2.4 billion counterfeit cigarettes in the first six months of this year nationwide, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) said here Friday. Law enforcement agencies raided 61 large counterfeit cigarette warehouses, rounded up 3,070 people in connection with the counterfeit brands and prosecuted 1,535 of them, said STMA. The agencies also resolved 2,693 cases, each involving a ... Jump to full article >>

Smuggled cigarettes seized in Dublin

Tweet Customs officers have seized more than eight million cigarettes in an anti-smuggling operation at Dublin Port, it emerged tonight. The cigarettes were discovered in a container which arrived from China last Friday, which was kept under surveillance until it was moved the following day. The container was stopped as it was travelled northbound on the M1, near Swords, and brought back to the port. The truck and trailer were seized and a privat ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette haul seized at NI port

Tweet Customs officers have seized 8.5m smuggled cigarettes at Belfast docks. The find, said to be worth about £5m, had been smuggled from China and was hidden behind boxes lined with carbon paper to try to avoid X-ray detection. The cigarettes were seized by officers from the UK Border Agency. A man was arrested but released without charge. John Whiting of HMRC said: “Purchasing cheap cigarettes without the duty paid on them means tradin ... Jump to full article >>

Terrorism and Tobacco

Tweet For centuries, blue-turbaned nomadic Tuareg tribesmen have led caravans of camels across the expanses of the Sahara. Laden with millet and cloth from Africa’s West Coast, the caravans traveled unmarked paths to trade for salt and dates in Timbuktu, across the sand plains of Niger, and into the mountain oasis of the Algerian south. Military officials and scholars say cigarette smuggling, in fact, has provided the bulk of financing for AQIM ... Jump to full article >>