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China bans smoking in public venues — in theory

Tweet BEIJING — China launches a ban on smoking in indoor public spaces Sunday but the effort is widely viewed as vague and half-hearted and few expect it to have much of an impact in the tobacco-addicted country. The nationwide prohibition is designed to bring China — which has more than 300 million smokers, roughly equal to the entire population of the United States — more in line with health regulations in developed countries. Bu ... Jump to full article >>

China renews push to ban smoking starting May 1

Tweet BEIJING (AP) — Chinese health authorities are renewing a push to ban smoking in indoor public places, adding more venues like hotels and restaurants as of May 1, though still excluding many workplaces. The guidelines given on the Health Ministry’s website are the latest effort to curb tobacco use in the country with the world’s largest number of smokers and where experts say huge revenues from the state-owned tobacco monopoly ... Jump to full article >>

National tobacco control legislation needed: Chinese political advisor

Tweet A Chinese political advisor has called for a national tobacco control law that bans smoking in all public places across the country. Only 45.7 percent of Chinese cities have introduced local bans on smoking, and many bans usually exclude workplaces, restaurants and bars, said Jin Dapeng, vice chairman of the China Health Law Society. The punishments for violating the regulations were also too gentle, said Jin, who is also a member of the Na ... Jump to full article >>

Trip to China promotes N.C. farm products

Tweet Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler is in China this week on a trade mission with representatives for the state’s cotton, peanut, soybean and tobacco farmers. China has grown in importance to North Carolina’s farmers. Last year, more than $542 million worth of N.C. agricultural products were bought in China, up from $271 million in 2008. The country is expected to soon become North Carolina’s largest market for U.S. agr ... Jump to full article >>

Screen clean of smoke

Tweet China’s film industry grossed a record 10.17 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) at the box office last year. Mindful of its powerful impact, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television asked the nation’s filmmakers this week to make their productions free of smokers and tobacco products. In the administration’s eyes, TV and films should not encourage smoking, especially among young people. A survey by the Chinese Asso ... Jump to full article >>

China restricts smoking scenes in films, TV shows

Tweet The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) of China passed an order on Tuesday to restrict smoking scenes in movies and TV shows. The measure was taken to honor the tobacco control commitment issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). China has been a part of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) since five years but has failed to implement the requirements of the conven ... Jump to full article >>

China tobacco profits undermine anti-smoking push

Tweet BEIJING — China’s addiction to huge revenues from its state-owned tobacco monopoly is preventing anti-smoking measures, potentially costing millions of lives in the country with the world’s largest number of smokers, experts warned Thursday. The health and other costs of smoking already exceed the tobacco industry’s economic contributions by at least $9 billion, said a report prepared by a group of prominent Chinese ... Jump to full article >>

Tennessee seller of ‘e-cigarettes’ fights FDA regulation

Tweet A Goodlettsville company that sells high-tech devices that simulate cigarette smoking is doing battle with the federal government, which wants to regulate them to safeguard consumers’ health. PureSmoker is one of a handful of “e-cigarette” companies that have been subjected to repeated seizures of their electronic cigarette shipments from China by the Food and Drug Administration over the past two years. The FDA argues tha ... Jump to full article >>

Smoky truth

Tweet Cigarettes never scared Li Wenbin. But when he saw a pack of Triple-Fives from Thailand, the two-pack-a-dayer recoiled in disgust. A picture of blackened cancerous lungs appeared ominously over the words “Smoking Kills” on the imported packs. Such graphic warnings remain absent from Chinese cigarette packs, despite the rising number of smokers in the country. This trend runs counter to a global drop-off in cigarette consumption ... Jump to full article >>

Help floods into China quake zone (video)

Tweet Rescuers probed the rubble for sounds or movement Friday in a rush to find anyone buried alive more than 48 hours after an earthquake hit western China, killing at least 791 people. Many survivors shivered through a second night outdoors as they waited for tents to arrive in the remote, mountainous Tibetan area. People with broken arms or legs cried in pain as medical teams could offer little more than injections. A doctor at the Qinghai pr ... Jump to full article >>