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Chewing Tobacco for Kids Spreads Oral Cancer in India

Tweet Safiq Shaikh was 13 when he began chewing a blend of tobacco and spices that jolted him awake when his job at a textile loom got too dreary. Five years later, doctors in Mumbai lopped off his tongue to halt the cancer that was spreading through his mouth. Shaikh believed the fragrant, granular mixture he chewed, known in India as gutka, was a harmless stimulant and at first he ignored the milky lump growing inside his mouth. Now Shaikh is o ... Jump to full article >>

Chewing tobacco use rises among high-school boys

Tweet San Francisco Giants slugger Pat Burrell sneaks a pinch in the dugout, his lip swollen with a wad of chaw in his TV close-ups. At the plate, the back pocket of Pablo Sandoval bulges with a round tin of chewing tobacco. It’s hard to miss the signs of a chewing tobacco habit that Major League Baseball can’t seem to quit — a decade after the minor leagues kicked chaw out of their dugouts. The use of chewing tobacco is rising ... Jump to full article >>

New Legislation to Ban Services for US Troops Abroad

Tweet New US legislation will soon ban the postal service from handling smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco and roll your own cigarette tobacco; adding additional and unnecessary stress to the men and women fighting for freedom. Online Tobacco Distributors Association: Everyone knows the dangers of tobacco; no one doubts the surgeon general’s warning. However, for many of the men and women who are courageously fighting for the freedom of their h ... Jump to full article >>

Councilman proposes taxing cigars, smokeless tobacco

Tweet City Councilman Darrell L. Clarke wants the city to venture where the state has not yet dared to go: the taxing of chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and cigars. Clarke said he would introduce on Thursday a bill setting a 3.6-cent tax on each cigar and a 36 cents-per-ounce tax on loose forms of tobacco. That would mean 43 cents on a typical 1.2-ounce can of chewing tobacco. Snuff is also included, as are rolling papers, at a yet-to-be-determine ... Jump to full article >>

Man with no jaw blames tobacco, urges state to boost tax

Tweet Rick Bender sat on a stage at the Ohio Statehouse fiddling with a chewing tobacco can as people stared at his disfigured face. Bender is used to it. He does this kind of thing on purpose. For the last 17 years, Bender has traveled the country, warning people of the dangers of tobacco use. Bender grew up in Kentucky and California and started using chewing tobacco at age 12. By age 26 in 1989, doctors diagnosed him with oral cancer, took out ... Jump to full article >>

2 tobacco giants in Va. clash over excise tax

Tweet It’s one of the most old-fashioned taxes of all, but the question of what you measure to levy it is emerging as the latest skirmish in the never-ending battle for space on stores’ tobacco shelves. The stakes can be high — a change in the way Texas levied its excise tax on smokeless tobacco has just about driven old-fashioned, loose-leaf chewing tobacco out of the state. Now, in Virginia, the muted clash over the excise tax ... Jump to full article >>

Chewing tobacco intake double than smoking

Tweet The prevalence of consuming chewing tobacco is almost double than smoking tobacco in the country, revealed a study yesterday. At the dissemination programme of the research findings at the National Press Club in the city, it was also revealed that women are taking more chewing tobacco than men. The prevalence of non-smoking tobacco chewing is 43.2 percent while the tobacco smoking is 23 percent in the country, the study showed. It found tha ... Jump to full article >>

Just a pinch can kill you, cancer survivor tells MSU audience

Tweet Rick Bender started using spit tobacco when he was 12 years old because he wanted to fit in with his friends and he thought it was safer than cigarettes. “It turned out to be the biggest lie I was ever told,” Bender, 47, told an audience of about 30 Wednesday night at Montana State University. Copenhagen snuff was “my brand of poison,” Bender said. He remembered TV ads featuring a star football player and the slogan, “Take a pinch ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless doesn’t mean it’s safe

Tweet Smokeless tobacco products, also known as chew or “snuff,” are far from a healthy alternative for tobacco users intending to get a nicotine fix without cigarettes, according to a study published by Portland State chemistry professor Dr. James Pankow. His study resulted in an article named “Levels of mint and wintergreen flavorants: Smokeless tobacco products vs. confectionary products,” which was published in a nationwide journal, F ... Jump to full article >>

State officials move to fight candy-flavored tobacco

Tweet State officials are seeking $3 million in federal stimulus money to snuff out candy-flavored chewing tobacco and cigars that critics say are aimed at youths. If the Department of Health Services receives the federal grant and lawmakers approve, it would fund a statewide campaign to persuade local communities around Wisconsin to ban sales of products like cherry-flavored chaw. A state official said this backdoor approach could eventually lea ... Jump to full article >>