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Health fears over south Asian people chewing tobacco

Tweet A health drive is beginning to target south Asian people who use chewing tobacco unaware of the risks it poses of causing mouth cancer. Medical staff and specialist advisers are working with Bangladeshi, Gujerati and Pakistani communities in Bradford and Keighley in West Yorkshire. Health officials said 90% of mouth cancers in Bradford were caused by smoking. But “smokeless tobacco” such as paan and niswar also causes mouth canc ... Jump to full article >>

Texas House Slashes Loose-Leaf Tobacco Tax

Tweet The lawmakers reduced the tax on loose-leaf tobacco from $1.13 per ounce to 80 cents. AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas House approved a 33-cent decrease to the state’s loose-leaf tobacco tax, the American-Statesman reports. The bill would drop the loose-leaf tobacco tax from $1.13 to 80 cents. “We just created an incentive for people to use cancer-causing products,” said Rep. Jason Isaac, who was the lone member to speak up against the bi ... Jump to full article >>

MSU leaders vote to make campus tobacco-free

Tweet Once Montana State University had smoking lounges, professors smoked in class and U.S. Tobacco not only sponsored the annual college rodeo, but handed out free chewing tobacco samples to spectators at the Fieldhouse. Over the last generation, tobacco has been increasingly restricted, and on Wednesday, campus leaders on MSU’s University Council took a historic vote, unanimously endorsing the idea of making the Bozeman campus tobacco-fr ... Jump to full article >>

Selig wants to ban smokeless tobacco

Tweet MINNEAPOLIS — Much to Commissioner Bud Selig’s chagrin, chewing tobacco has been almost as much a part of Major League Baseball over the years as “Play Ball!” and the seventh-inning stretch. It’s ingrained in the culture of the game and is evident anytime a player steps on the sticky floor of a big-league dugout. As owners and the players’ union begin negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement, Selig hopes the time h ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco on the field: Bush-league chew

Tweet Chewing tobacco — like the Yankees’ starting lineup — is a relic of the past. And while New York’s aging superstars might still be able to pull together a winning season, it’s past time for Major League Baseball to ban this dangerous habit from the diamond. About a third of major leaguers still chew. But with every passing season, baseball’s tolerance for tobacco use, and the disgusting spectacle of grown men spitting on the fi ... Jump to full article >>

Cough, sputter, splat: It’s tobacco tax time!

Tweet Rep. Allan Ritter, R-Nederland, is a well-known “chaw-er” and dipper in the Legislature. Last session, he was not too happy when colleagues raised taxes on smokeless tobacco products. On Monday, Ritter vented to fellow members of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. It seems the 2009 law — designed to make the generic brands of snuff pay on weight, not price — had the unintended effect of nearly quadrupli ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless tobacco is focus of warning at Muhlenberg school

Tweet In 1983, when Ken Miller was 15, he saw a few students walking across the parking lot at Blue Mountain High School in Schuylkill County. They were chewing something and spitting, and one of them said to Miller, “Here, try this.” Miller, then a budding athlete, stuffed a wad of smokeless tobacco in his jaw. “In 30 seconds,” he recalled, “I felt addicted.” It took 27 years and throat cancer, but the 43-year ... Jump to full article >>

Strasburg attempting to shut out tobacco

Tweet Like any other high school kid, Stephen Strasburg wanted to emulate the major league baseball players he watched on television. He mimicked their actions down to the last detail. He rolled his pants up to reveal high socks, wore wristbands at the plate and, during downtime, opened tins of chewing tobacco and pinched some in his lower lip. Years later, having developed a powerful addiction, Strasburg regrets ever trying smokeless tobacco. La ... Jump to full article >>

Tough To Snuff

Tweet We’re nearly a month into 2011, but smoking bans have already taken center stage. Although South Dakota’s statewide smoking ban went into effect late last year, the debate has now moved to college campuses. Two universities implemented smoking bans on January 1st, but it’s not that easy to put out the light. The air in Marshall, Minnesota is bitterly cold this time of year. But for some students at Southwest Minnesota S ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless tobacco user’s survivors win $5-million settlement

Tweet The manufacturer of Skoal and Copenhagen chewing tobacco has agreed to pay $5 million to the family of a North Carolina man who died of cancer in what is thought to be the first wrongful death settlement in a smokeless tobacco case. It was unclear because of the way the settlement was reached what effect it might have on potential litigation against chewing tobacco manufacturers, an industry segment that has been the target of far fewer li ... Jump to full article >>