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Electronic cigarette promoted as ‘safer alternative’

Tweet When can a cigarette be legally smoked in a place of business, restaurant, bar or even on a commercial airplane? Anytime would be the answer if the “cigarette” is one of the electronic products now on the market. The “healthier alternative” by Smart Smoker is similar to a patch or chewing gum, as it provides an alternative nicotine delivery system, that is available in pharmacies to help a person in his quest to stop ... Jump to full article >>

Nicorette Puffs $15 Million Into Ad Blitz

Tweet Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline wants people to know that it “sucks” to quit smoking, but there’s a way to make it “suck less.” The maker of Nicorette, an over-the-counter nicotine-infused gum that helps some cigarette smokers wean themselves off nicotine, is launching a $15 million campaign that will break on prime-time TV networks ABC, CBS ( CBS – news – people ) and NBC this Monday. The ad blitz, crea ... Jump to full article >>