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Warren bar loses challenge of smoking law

Tweet Mount Clemens— A judge Monday denied a Warren bar owner’s request to declare the state’s smoking ban unconstitutional but did toss out a fine the man incurred, agreeing some elements of the law are confusing. Boyd Cottrell, owner of Sporty O’Toole’s, likens his Mound Road bar to a “small-scale casino” and has said the smoking law, which took effect May 1, is unfairly restricting his establishment, while ... Jump to full article >>

Ind. lawmakers: Exempt casinos from smoking ban

Tweet INDIANAPOLIS – A House committee plans to exempt casinos from a bill imposing a statewide smoking ban after an analyst said the state could lose nearly $200 million annually if customers can’t smoke at gambling venues. The Health Committee took more than two hours of testimony on House Bill 1018 and then delayed a vote to next week. But Chairman Tim Brown, R-Crawfordsville, said the bill won’t move forward unless the casino exemption ... Jump to full article >>

St. Louis smoking advocate draws ban to gaming commission’s attention

Tweet If you’re familiar at all with St. Louis history, then you’ve probably heard the name Bill Hannegan. His grandfather was co-owner and team president of the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1940s and chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Twenty years before that, his great-grandfather was the chief of detectives for the St. Louis Police Department, busting mob bosses. But Hannegan has become more well known in recent years as ... Jump to full article >>

New Michigan smoking ban in workplaces, restaurants and bars gets mixed reaction from business owners

Tweet With his fingers curled around a and a gin and tonic in the other hand, Randy Dawe mused on the unfairness of a state smoking ban approved Thursday by the state Legislature. Next spring, he won’t be able to inhale at his favorite tavern, Bob’s Sports Bar, 725 Michigan St. NE. Meanwhile, people who frequent casinos still will be able to light up. “I think it’s a bunch of crap. I donR ... Jump to full article >>

Detroit barkeeps head to Lansing to bounce smoking ban

Tweet Lansing — Detroit bar owners whose establishments are close to the Detroit casinos trekked to the state Capitol today to oppose legislation that would ban smoking in public places but make exceptions for casinos. Tino Hammond, owner of Reggie’s Moulin Rouge in Detroit, said her business and her 40 employees will be in jeopardy if lawmakers approve the measure. “This would just be the nail in the coffin,” she said at ... Jump to full article >>

May be best to send toothless ordinance up in smoke

Tweet Writing this on the day of the Great American Smokeout, we want no confusion about our support for the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act. Along with willpower, help lines, support groups and nicotine patches, the statewide ban on smoking in enclosed public places is a key component in the box of tools designed to make tobacco use less common. It’s a worthy goal — the risks and costs to smokers, people around them and the health care syst ... Jump to full article >>

Senate has not yet taken action on smoking ban bill

Tweet The smoke still has not cleared between the Michigan House and Senate on whether state residents should be allowed to enjoy discount cigarettes while dining. It has been six months since the Michigan House passed a statewide smoking ban for public places, such as restaurants and bars, and the Senate still has not picked up the bill, which exempts casinos and cigar bars. Some representatives still are pushing for the Senate to take action on ... Jump to full article >>

Hazy: Montana’s Smoking Ban Doesn’t Apply to Tribal Venues

Tweet RONAN – Enforcement of Montana’s Clean Air Act appears to be a little hazy on Indian reservations. Tribally owned casinos are exempt from the indoor-smoking ban, while some enrolled tribal members who own reservation bars and casinos aren’t enforcing the ban. In the meantime, Rick and Vicki Wheeler, who are not members of the Confederate Salish and Kootenai Tribes, recently received their first letter of complaint from the Lak ... Jump to full article >>

Few voters may decide fate of St. Louis County smoking ban

Tweet A quarter of St. Louis County’s voters — maybe 175,000 — could be deciding on Tuesday whether the city and county, with a combined population of 1.35 million, go smoke-free. The city last week made its smoking ban contingent on the county enacting a ban. And with turnout Tuesday expected to be 25 percent of the county’s 705,000 registered voters, a lot will be riding on a relatively few voters. Kansas City, Springfield, Colu ... Jump to full article >>

Continued smoking in reservation bars, casinos boosts business, raises questions

Tweet Smoking and gambling have gone hand in hand for Deanna Standing Rock for years. But when the statewide smoking ban went into full effect earlier this month, adding bars and casinos to the list of public places where smoking is not allowed, Standing Rock didn’t fear an end to her smoke-and-slots routine. That’s because she plays at a casino located on one of Montana’s seven Indian reservations, where smoking is still allow ... Jump to full article >>