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Cape Girardeau City Council to discuss smoking ban’s casino effects

Tweet The new casino and the proposed smoking ban, two of Cape Girardeau’s biggest issues, are on a collision course, and the Cape Girardeau City Council plans to address them both. However, there may not be much the council can do other than watch the whole thing play out. On Nov. 2, the day Cape Girardeau voters were approving a proposal to allow Isle of Capri to build a $125 million casino, a group of residents were busy collecting enoug ... Jump to full article >>

Brown fights for smoking ban

Tweet State Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, will hold Senate legislation hostage unless he gets a Senate vote on a statewide smoking ban. Brown said Wednesday he is sending a message to the Senate by refusing to sign Senate Bill 175 until two state senators sign House Bill 1132, which contains the smoking ban. Neither proposal can advance from conference committee to a final floor vote until two members of each chamber agree to the language in each m ... Jump to full article >>

Rank chief executive Ian Burke needs to see more full houses at his bingo clubs

Tweet The chief executive of Rank has played host to David Cameron and Alistair Darling at the group’s bingo and casino clubs, but the Prime Minister remains stubbornly elusive. “I’ve not yet been successful in persuading him to come and visit. I’ll keep trying,” says Burke. Burke has plenty to discuss. The 52-year old has just used the platform of Rank’s 2009 results to lay out a template for change that would ... Jump to full article >>

Wynn seeks dismissal of second-hand smoke suit

Tweet Attorneys for Wynn Las Vegas are seeking dismissal of a lawsuit claiming its casino workers are exposed to dangerous second-hand tobacco smoke. In court papers filed Friday, Wynn’s attorneys argued: The suit appears to be part of a union campaign involving Wynn casino dealers. Wynn is in compliance with the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, which specifically allows smoking in casinos. The lawsuit was filed Oct. 20 in federal court in La ... Jump to full article >>

No smoking, please — unless there’s dice

Tweet Let me get this straight. Smoking is bad for you, right? It’s bad if you smoke. It’s bad if someone smokes around you. It’s so bad that our state government, like others before it, is now passing a law against smoking in any public place — restaurant, office building, shopping mall, museum — any public place at all. Except a casino. Got that? A casino that harbors gambling — which is also not good for you ... Jump to full article >>

City aldermen pass smoking ban contingent on county approval

Tweet After a marathon session of debates and amendments on Friday, city aldermen approved a bill banning smoking in most bars and restaurants. The bill, approved 20-7, would ban indoor smoking — with several key exceptions — contingent on St. Louis County voters approving a similar ban on the Nov. 3 ballot. That vote, in effect, will decide the smoking ban issue for much of the region. The plan passed at City Hall, like the county version, e ... Jump to full article >>

Local bar, casino owners react to smoking ban

Tweet Local bar and casino owners are begrudgingly preparing to turn their businesses smoke-free as their four-year grace period from the statewide smoke ban will expire Thursday. Some establishments are constructing outdoor smoking shelters to dull the sharpness of Montana’s changeable weather, and all bars and casinos will be hanging up fresh “no smoking” signs Thursday morning. With exception to standalone bars and casinos, all indoor ... Jump to full article >>

Nitro considers split from county over smoking ban

Tweet CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If the city of Nitro can’t change the minds of Kanawha County health officials, then perhaps it can change the county where the health officials reside. That’s the latest option being considered by Nitro officials who want to make the city’s most prominent business exempt from a county smoking ban. Officials at Tri-State Racetrack and Gaming Center say the ban, which started in July 2008, is bad f ... Jump to full article >>

Casino owners struggle to please smokers, comply with new law

Tweet When the owners of the Prospector Casino went to the city’s Design Review board in April to present plans to freshen up the exterior of the 616 10th Ave. S. business, Dick Barnes mentioned he also was looking at putting up an outside shelter for his customers who smoke. On Oct. 1, his business, along with other bars, casinos and taverns in Montana that have been allowed to let customers enjoy Marlboro cigarettes, will have to ask the ... Jump to full article >>

County executive signs WU-backed smoking bill

Tweet St. Louis County Executive Charles Dooley signed a bill on Friday to put a Washington University-endorsed smoking ban referendum on the November ballot, following weeks of heated County Council meetings and public debate. “If you had asked me two months ago if I thought the voters in St. Louis County would have this opportunity in November, I would have said no,” said Robert Blaine, medical public policy specialist at the University. ... Jump to full article >>