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Progress reported in ‘war on cancer’

Tweet Cancer mortality has declined since initiation of the “war on cancer,” in 1971, an American Cancer Society study found. American Cancer Society epidemiologist Ahmedin Jemal and colleagues used nationwide cancer mortality data for 1970-2006. They found for all cancers combined, death rates per 100,000 in men increased from 249.3 in 1970 to 279.8 in 1990, and then decreased to 221.1 in 2006, yielding a relative decline of 21 perce ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette smoking may raise prostate cancer risk

Tweet Cigarette smoking may increase a man’s risk for developing and dying from prostate cancer, pooled data from 24 studies involving 21,600 men with the disease indicates. This study “provides good evidence that prostate cancer is likely a smoking-related tumor,” Dr. Michael Huncharek, at Meta-Analysis Research Group in Columbia, South Carolina, wrote in an email to Reuters Health. Prostate cancer is the most common of all can ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking hurts head-neck cancer outcomes

Tweet Patients with head and neck cancer linked to human papillomavirus have worse outcomes if they smoked or are smokers, U.S. researchers say. A study, published in Clinical Cancer Research, suggests that current or former smokers may need a more aggressive treatment regimen. Senior study author Thomas Carey of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center in Ann Arbor says research shows that human papillomavirus-positive head and nec ... Jump to full article >>

Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes: Cancer, Fertility Problems, Gum Disease, and More

Tweet If you’re reading this, you may be thinking about quitting smoking or making a plan to quit. Or maybe you have already tried to quit a few times. You may also already know that smoking is bad for your health and that quitting will reduce your risk of getting a disease related to smoking, such as heart or lung disease. Here are the facts about smoking and your health. Tobacco use, especially smoking, is the number one preventable cause ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand Smoke Dangers: Quitting Cigarettes Now Will Help Keep Loved Ones Safe

Tweet Of the 250 toxic chemicals found in secondhand (or “passive”) smoke, at least 50 are known to cause cancer. The Surgeon General says there’s no safe level of secondhand smoke and, according to the California Environmental Protection Agency, secondhand smoke causes an estimated 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 46,000 heart disease deaths among nonsmokers in the U.S. each year. Fortunately, most states now have strict laws about ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet MILLER LOVES HER DEADLY HABIT SIENNA MILLER is determined to carry on smoking, even though she accepts it may give her cancer and ultimately lead to her death. Despite having a history of cancer in her family, the 25-year insists she intends to avoid an early grave by smoking with a positive attitude. Miller explains, “I love them (cigarettes marlboro). Love them. I think the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmfu ... Jump to full article >>

Hotels group opposed to more smoking bans

Tweet The Cancer Council wants smoking banned from outdoor dining areas in South Australia. Council CEO Brenda Wilson says the state is lagging behind others in the fight against smoking. “Queensland and Western Australia and Tasmania have implemented partial bans on smoking in alfresco areas and we’ve asked the public through surveys and 89 per cent of the public would like smoke-free alfresco dining,” she said. The Cancer Coun ... Jump to full article >>

Cancer case: judge stays

Tweet A NSW Court of Appeal judge has found British American Tobacco caused ”a real risk of a diminution of public confidence in the administration of justice” by attempting to remove a judge hearing a cancer compensation case against it. Upholding the challenge would have created a public perception that the company had ”manipulated the system in the hope of obtaining a more favourable outcome from a different judge”, sai ... Jump to full article >>

Heart Risk Tied to Inflammatory Protein

Tweet Researchers are linking levels of a protein that indicates tissue inflammation in the body to future risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and chronic lung disease. But the association may be the result of other risk factors related to heart disease, such as smoking, rather than the protein itself, researchers said. The molecule, known as C-reactive protein (CRP), is produced by the liver and indicates that tissues are inflamed because of in ... Jump to full article >>

Special Interest Deceptions Continue to Rampant About Electronic Cigarettes

Tweet Over the last few weeks there has been an increase of the amount of scare language that is used by e cigarette opposition in an attempt to scare the population concerning the electronic cigarette. Many are questioning the tactics of these groups when the evidence clearly shows that the product is indeed a safer alternative to tobacco according to several studies, lab reports and opinions from top medial and harm reduction specialist around ... Jump to full article >>