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Smokeless tobacco is focus of warning at Muhlenberg school

Tweet In 1983, when Ken Miller was 15, he saw a few students walking across the parking lot at Blue Mountain High School in Schuylkill County. They were chewing something and spitting, and one of them said to Miller, “Here, try this.” Miller, then a budding athlete, stuffed a wad of smokeless tobacco in his jaw. “In 30 seconds,” he recalled, “I felt addicted.” It took 27 years and throat cancer, but the 43-year ... Jump to full article >>

Strasburg attempting to shut out tobacco

Tweet Like any other high school kid, Stephen Strasburg wanted to emulate the major league baseball players he watched on television. He mimicked their actions down to the last detail. He rolled his pants up to reveal high socks, wore wristbands at the plate and, during downtime, opened tins of chewing tobacco and pinched some in his lower lip. Years later, having developed a powerful addiction, Strasburg regrets ever trying smokeless tobacco. La ... Jump to full article >>

Michael Douglas On ‘Today’: Odds Are, I’ve Beaten Cancer

Tweet Five months after revealing he was battling throat cancer and Michael Douglas says he is confident he has beat the illness. Speaking in his first interview since finishing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, the veteran actor, 66, said his tumour has now vanished. ‘The odds are, with the tumour gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, that I’ve got it beat,’ Douglas tells Matt Lauer in an interview o ... Jump to full article >>

Baby aspirin linked to reduced cancer deaths

Tweet A daily dose of baby aspirin may reduce mortality from a range of common cancers by an average of 21%, with the reduction persisting for at least 20 years, British researchers reported Monday. Deadly cases of stomach, colorectal and esophageal cancers all declined among people who took low-dose aspirin for 10 to 20 years, according to a study published online in the journal Lancet. The chewable tablets also were linked to a reduced risk of ... Jump to full article >>

Radiotherapy is less effective on ex-smokers with cancer than those who have never lit up

Tweet Patients with head and neck cancer who have never had a cigarette respond far better to radiotherapy than former smokers a study has found. Scientists from the UC Davis Cancer Center found those with a history of smoking were more likely to die from their disease and more likely to experience a recurrence after radiotherapy. Study leader Dr Allen Chen said: ‘There is something unique about the biology of head and neck cancers among no ... Jump to full article >>

Mistrial in tobacco lawsuit stuns attorney; retrial in March

Tweet Attorneys return to DeLand in March to argue that RJ Reynolds brought on a former cigarette smoker’s cancer. The first trial ended in a deadlocked jury. The panel was supposed to determine whether Koballa was addicted to tobacco, but could not agree on a definition for addiction. Attorney Dennis Pantazis was caught off guard by the mistrial. “I was surprised,” said Pantazis. “We think the evidence is very, very stro ... Jump to full article >>

Like Michael Douglas, I drank and smoked too much – but I never dreamt I’d get throat cancer

Tweet When Keith Hern saw the pictures of Hollywood actor Michael Douglas looking gaunt following his throat cancer diagnosis, the painful memories of his own battle with the disease flooded back. He knows what the star can expect to go through as three years ago Keith was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease – and he’s since beaten it twice. ‘It’s not going to be an easy battle. I underwent months of invasive ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet LAST week it was announced that Michael Douglas has cancer. Lesley-Ann Jones believes his greatest allies as he fights the disease are his feisty wife Catherine and tough-guy father Kirk However good the Hollywood superstar’s cancer prognosis, however optimistic his specialists that he has what it takes to survive, what Michael Douglas has felt every day since his throat tumour diagnosis are the most basic of human instincts: fear and dre ... Jump to full article >>

Manatee smoker is suing tobacco companies

Tweet Jimmy Willis spoke to the jury with an electrolarynx pressed against the hole in his throat to blame two tobacco companies for his cancers. “I would say, ‘Take a look at me,'” said Wills, a 30-year smoker from Bradenton who is frail with illness. “I have cancer. They lied about what it would cause you to get.” Willis is suing tobacco companies for millions because he has cancer he said was caused by smoking. Hi ... Jump to full article >>

Eating your five-a-day ‘does little to cut cancer risk’

Tweet Eating fruit and vegetables does little to help people avoid cancer, say researchers. Despite public health messages about the benefits of ‘five a day’, a major study shows it has a ‘very weak’ effect on preventing cancer. Campaigners stress that a diet high in fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of obesity, a major cause of cancer, and is good for the heart. But a study of almost 500,000 people found eating five p ... Jump to full article >>