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State unveils high-tech cigarette tax stamp

Tweet California tax officials have a new weapon in the war against cigarette bootleggers. On Tuesday, the California Board of Equalization unveiled its latest high-tech tax stamp. The device, which will appear on legally authorized cigarette packs beginning Jan. 1, uses special inks that shift colors from yellow-gold to green. Each stamp also includes a unique serial number and more encrypted information than the last version of the tax stamp, r ... Jump to full article >>

Report: 16 percent of adults smoking

Tweet The number of adults in California who smoke has steadily declined in the last 20 years, according to new data released by the California Department of Public Health this week. In Del Norte County, 16 percent of adults smoke. That’s higher than the state average of 13.3 percent in 2008, the latest data available from the California Adult Tobacco Survey. Data on how the number of smokers in Del Norte has changed over the years was not ava ... Jump to full article >>

George Soros backs the legalisation of cannabis

Tweet Mr Soros, who has long campaigned for drug policy reform, said laws against cannabis were “clearly doing more harm than good” and had not stopped it becoming the most widely used illegal substance in the US and other countries. Writing in the Wall Street Journal under the headline “Why I support Legal Marijuana,” he said prohibiting the drug was “unenforceable.” Mr Soros, perhaps the most famous ever hed ... Jump to full article >>

Marijuana law would propel California into unknown territory

Tweet Vote yes on Proposition 19, the measure to legalize marijuana, and the unofficial state weed and largest cash crop will be controlled like alcohol, police will focus on serious crimes and California will get billions of dollars in new taxes. That’s the pitch proponents make. “It’s a jumbled legal nightmare,” opponents retort, disputing those claims and insisting that the measure would lead to stoned nurses in hospita ... Jump to full article >>

Clinton, Bush And Obama Drug Czars Come Out Against California’s Marijuana Legalization Measure

Tweet Six directors of the Office of National Drug Control Policy over the previous 3 administrations penned a cooperative op-ed Wednesday in opposition to California’s Proposition 19 ballot proposal to legalize marijuana. The editorial, written by Gil Kerlikowske, John Walters, Barry McCaffrey, Lee Brown, Bob Martinez and William Bennett — that’s every United States “drug czar,” including the current one — was ... Jump to full article >>

Politicians, analysts question new open primary system

Tweet Voters’ approval Tuesday of an open primary system, combined with their 2008 decision to strip state lawmakers of the power to draw their own election districts, will reshape California politics. The question is: How? Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who backed both moves, is confident that state elections will become more daunting for the rigid partisans he says plague Sacramento. Other politicians and election strategists are not so sure ... Jump to full article >>

Almost Illegal To Smoke in California: A Brief History of Smoking Bans

Tweet It’s getting pretty darn near illegal to light up cancer stick anywhere in California. State lawmakers approved a bill to outlaw smoking at 278 state parks and beaches. As reported at True/Slant, with the future of smoking uncertain in California, let’s look at a brief history of the evolution of smoking bans in order to find out how we got to the place we’re currently at: 1575, a Mexican ecclesiastical council construct ... Jump to full article >>

L.A. council extends smoking ban to outdoor cafes

Tweet Smokers in Los Angeles lost another refuge Wednesday when the City Council unanimously approved a ban on lighting up in outdoor cafes, food courts and around the city’s ubiquitous mobile food trucks. With the move, city officials are following the lead of municipalities across California, including Burbank, Beverly Hills, Calabasas and Santa Monica, which already ban smoking in outdoor dining areas. California law bars smoking inside ... Jump to full article >>

Some want legal pot to protect kids

Tweet Pollsters in California say some suburban women support legalizing marijuana because they believe their adult children will be safer. Backers of the Tax and Regulate Initiative plan to submit their petitions to the secretary of state this month, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. They say they have more than 630,000 signatures, far more than the number needed to get the initiative on the ballot. The measure would allow local governments ... Jump to full article >>

California leaders seek budget help from D.C.

Tweet California’s political leaders, who are facing the daunting challenge of closing an estimated $20.7 billion budget deficit this year, are looking to Washington for help. Just don’t call it a bailout. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said he plans to head to the nation’s capital “early and often” seeking federal assistance. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger already has put the federal governmen ... Jump to full article >>