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Budget 2010: what to watch for

Tweet ECONOMY – The Chancellor will confirm the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, which showed the economy contracted by 5pc in 2009, more sharply than the 4.75pc contraction forecast by the Treasury, and more sharply than independent commentators had predicted. The Chancellor is likely to maintain his forecasts for growth this year at 1-1.5pc, which is in line with independent forecasts. – Alistair Darling has f ... Jump to full article >>

Richardson suggests sales tax to balance budget

Tweet Gov. Bill Richardson said Tuesday he will call a special session of the Legislature next week if lawmakers fail to agree on a state budget before adjourning on Thursday but there’s still time to reach a compromise on spending and tax increases. The Democratic governor said lawmakers should consider a small increase in New Mexico’s gross receipts tax — perhaps one-eighth or one-quarter of a cent — along with a tax on ... Jump to full article >>

New York state must start collecting unpaid cigarette taxes

Tweet Westchester residents awoke on a recent morning to news that Westchester County is facing a $60 million budget hole. Just weeks into 2010, and we’re already behind — by a lot. The grim news was delivered by newly elected County Executive Rob Astorino, who has the unenviable — and always unpopular — task of reining in spending wherever he can. Facing a $60 million deficit just weeks into his term, County Executive Astorino’ ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette tax boosts budget, health

Tweet Maryland’s recently enacted $1-per-pack cigarette tax increase has been a budgetary and public health success for which Gov. Martin O’Malley and the General Assembly should be proud. In the year after it took effect on Jan. 1, 2008, the cigarette tax increase brought $144 million in additional funds into the state coffers, which have helped to fund Maryland’s recent health care expansion. This expansion brought health care ... Jump to full article >>

Paterson Seeks Huge Cuts and $1 Billion in Taxes and Fees

Tweet Gov. David A. Paterson proposed on Tuesday what would be the largest cut to school aid in more than two decades and nearly $1 billion in new or increased taxes and fees as he unveiled his budget, a plan that is likely to be the first chapter in a prolonged battle with the Legislature. Searching for new sources of tax revenue amid a fiscal crisis, the governor proposed legalizing mixed martial arts, allowing the sale of wine in grocery store ... Jump to full article >>

Lobbyists open wallets to influence Pa. budget

Tweet When it became clear that the state budget was in crisis mode, three industries with much at stake in Harrisburg opened their wallets. Gambling interests, natural-gas drillers, and marlboro tobacco companies have since January spent more than $4.5 million combined on lobbying efforts, according to expense reports filed last week with the state. Those industries were among the few winners in a budget ravaged by the recession. Casinos are poi ... Jump to full article >>

Pennsylvania’s Rendell Signs $27.8 Billion Budget, Ends Impasse

Tweet Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell signed a $27.8 billion budget more than three months into the state’s fiscal year, ending the longest-running financing delay of any U.S. state. The plan, which the Senate approved yesterday and the House passed Oct. 7, raises cigarettes online buy taxes and permits gambling on poker, blackjack and other so-called table games at casinos, which were previously limited to slot machines. Lawmakers continu ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco lawsuit freezes $258 million in state budget for human-services programs

Tweet COLUMBUS — The new state budget relies in part on $258 million to pay for human-services programs, but the money is frozen because of a Franklin County court case. The money is tied up in a lawsuit brought by anti-smoking advocates trying to stop Gov. Ted Strickland’s plan to drain $230 million from the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation, and the legal maneuver has health and human services advocates worried. The $51 bil ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette taxes helping push smokers to quit

Tweet Jacksonville resident Sheris Fogarty enjoyed one of her last Marlboro Lights on the Fourth of July. Between the $1.34 per pack state tax increase that went into effect July 1 and rising health concerns, Fogarty has decided her days of smoking have come to an end. “I have been meaning to quit for years but the tax increase was the last straw,” she said. “I will not pay $5 a pack.” Many smokers, like Fogarty, have become quite bitter ... Jump to full article >>