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Smoking ban bill passes House

Tweet INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana House voted Thursday night to approve the statewide smoking ban bill, setting up a vote today in the state Senate on whether the restrictions will be on their way to becoming law. The House voted 60-33 in favor of the bill, despite opposition from health advocates who argue the proposal is too weak because it includes an exemption for bars and taverns. Senate supporters of the bill were uncertain whethe ... Jump to full article >>

Scotland delays implementing tobacco display ban

Tweet Scotland has delayed implementation of a tobacco display ban in supermarkets because of a change to the regulations and a legal challenge, the Scottish government said on Sunday. Scotland proposes to make it an offence to display tobacco products in shops so as to dissuade young people from taking up smoking. The Scottish government said it would however increase the area of cigarette storage units that may be displayed after retailers rais ... Jump to full article >>

Ban on gutka, smokeless tobacco products soon

Tweet New Delhi: After a ban on plastic packaging for tobacco products, the Supreme Court is now considering a total ban on gutka and other smokeless tobacco products. Srinath Reddy, PHFI said, “Tobacco is the number one killer. It kills more than 1 million Indians every year. If you are considering this as a food product, clearly its a very hazardous food product. So the PAFA act comes into play.” Meera Aghi, activist said, “W ... Jump to full article >>

Selig wants to ban smokeless tobacco

Tweet MINNEAPOLIS — Much to Commissioner Bud Selig’s chagrin, chewing tobacco has been almost as much a part of Major League Baseball over the years as “Play Ball!” and the seventh-inning stretch. It’s ingrained in the culture of the game and is evident anytime a player steps on the sticky floor of a big-league dugout. As owners and the players’ union begin negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement, Selig hopes the time h ... Jump to full article >>

Saskatchewan bans sale of tobacco, related products in pharmacies

Tweet REGINA – It’s no April Fool’s joke — the Saskatchewan government is banning the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products in pharmacies. The ban is effective Thursday, April 1, and the fine for breaking the law is $500. Selling tobacco or tobacco-related products will also be prohibited in a retail store, if a pharmacy is located in that store or if customers of a pharmacy can directly access the area in which tobacc ... Jump to full article >>

Will The FDA Ban The Dangerous Cannabis E-Cig?

Tweet The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is going to be thinking about if they should bar the selling of a type of cigarette marketed as having the capacity to administer marijuana just about anywhere. A majority of these advertisements are criticized for insinuating the newest electronic cigarette enables you to get high in public without being detected. Having its emphasis on providing doses of cannabis, the FDA claims this kind of electro ... Jump to full article >>

Councilor cuts off debate on cigarette sales ban

Tweet WORCESTER — A city councilor has temporarily put the brakes on a proposal to ban the sale of tobacco products by local health care providers, including drugstores and colleges. Councilor-at-Large Michael J. Germain tonight exercised his right under the City Council’s rules to hold for one week amendments to the city’s tobacco control ordinance that have been recommended by City Manager Michael V. O’Brien. In addition to banning the ... Jump to full article >>

E-cigarettes’ smoke screen

Tweet School districts should broaden bans on tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes. Young people shouldn’t smoke cigarettes or battery-operated nicotine-soaked cartridges. MOUNTING public dialogue about the safety of electronic cigarettes appropriately spurs school districts to broaden bans on tobacco products to prohibit them. The battery-operated devices the size of pens use nicotine-soaked replaceable cartridges to simulate ... Jump to full article >>

WA schools consider banning electronic cigarettes

Tweet VANCOUVER, Wash. — Although people younger than 18 can purchase electronic cigarettes, they are now prohibited from using them at some Washington schools. The Columbian newspaper reports school boards in Battle Ground, Camas and Ridgefield all recently revised their tobacco policies to ban the use of electronic cigarettes at school. Vancouver Public Schools has prohibited tobacco and “tobacco lookalikes” since at least 19 ... Jump to full article >>

FDA considers ban on menthol cigarette sales

Tweet A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel urged a ban on menthol cigarettes because they believe a ban would be beneficial to public health. With their enticing cool and minty flavor, discount cigarettes have emerged as one of the most controversial products made by the tobacco industry. Kids are particularly drawn to them, with nearly 45% of smokers aged 12 to 17 using menthol cigarettes, according to a 2009 National Survey on Drug Us ... Jump to full article >>