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Robert Pattinson and His Bad Habit

Tweet In the eyes of many, Robert Pattinson can do no wrong. The Twilight star is young, hot, and makes bazillions of dollars … or at least enough to make the top 10 of Vanity Fair’s top-earners in Hollywood list. But one mom didn’t care about any of that and recently chewed him out big time for his nasty little smoking habit. Mama bear went wild when she and her teenage daughter walked by Pattinson, who was taking a smoke brea ... Jump to full article >>

If Penelope Cruz is really pregnant, surely she wouldn’t be smoking…

Tweet Hollywood has been buzzing over whispers Penelope Cruz is pregnant with her first child. But has the actress finally sent the rumours up in smoke? The 35-year-old, who dates actor Javier Bardem, was seen with a cigarette in her hand while dining with friends at Hollywood’s exclusive Chateau Marmont yesterday. The pictures have lead some observers to conclude she couldn’t possibly be expecting, given that so few women smoke duri ... Jump to full article >>