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Australia Unveils New Anti-smoking Regulation

Tweet Fighting tobacco in the political arena has proven to be a tough battle for those countries attempting it. As cigarettes and tobacco products are not actually illegal, governments that have wished to reduce smoking through regulation have been forced to seek alternative measures, such as heavy taxes and requiring tobacco companies to label their products with warnings of the addictive properties and dangerous health effects of tobacco use ... Jump to full article >>

Wolfmother says no to tobacco sponsorship

Tweet Wolfmother has pulled out of what is expected to be the biggest-ever music festival in South East Asia because it is being sponsored by a tobacco company. The band’s frontman, Andrew Stockdale, says he did not know the Gudang Garam cigarette company is the major sponsor of the Java Rockin’ Land festival in Jakarta. Stockdale says he is morally opposed to profiting from a festival sponsored by a tobacco company. [caption id="atta ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette tax sparks inflation jump

Tweet Australia’s monthly inflation rate has jumped, with prices rising at the fastest pace since October 2008, spurred in large part by the federal government’s 25 per cent tax slug on cigarettes. Prices increased by 3.7 per cent in the year to May, up from the 2.9 per cent annual pace in April, according to the TD Securities – Melbourne Institute Monthly Inflation gauge. ”While there is a spike in the headline measure du ... Jump to full article >>

Doctors want cigarettes to cost $20 a pack

Tweet The Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has proposed a ‘tobacco transaction levy’ that would increase the cost of a cigarette by 10 cents from next July, rising to 30 cents in July 2012. The AMA is appealing to the Victorian Government to introduce the tax, saying the Federal Government remains silent on the issue months after receiving the Preventative Health Taskforce Report. The president of AMA Victo ... Jump to full article >>

Cash needed to curb Indigenous smoking

Tweet The Heart Foundation is calling for the financial support of the Federal Government to help lower the smoking rate in Aboriginal communities. About 50 per cent of Indigenous people smoke in Australia, compared with the national average discount cigarettes rate of 19 per cent. The foundation is today launching a new strategy focused on education and intervention programs to bring down the Indigenous smoking rate. Spokesman Maurice Swanson sa ... Jump to full article >>