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British American Tobacco Creates Start-Up

Tweet Tobacco giant British American Tobacco PLC is creating a start-up company to develop nicotine-based products aimed at smokers seeking a safer alternative to cigarettes. The unit, called Nicoventures Ltd., intends to bring to market “innovative, regulatory-approved” products, according to a website for the start-up. The site says the products Nicoventures is looking at aren’t currently available on the market. The U.K. ciga ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to smoking

Tweet OKLAHOMA CITY – As the harmful effects of smoking continue to receive national attention, tobacco companies have shifted their focus to smokeless tobacco products, claiming them to be a “safe” alternative to smoking cigarettes and actively working to build new customers. Through With Chew Week Feb. 20 – 26th, highlights the truth, that there are no “safe” tobacco products. In Oklahoma, tobacco companies have long used our cultu ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cigarettes: Another Puff

Tweet Over break, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my friend Emily when halfway through our conversation she took out a cigarette and simply started smoking. The act wasn’t surprising: Emily is a seasoned smoker who has been hooked on cigarettes for seven years. But the fact that she was doing it inside caught me off guard. Before I could stop her, I noticed there wasn’t a lighter in sight and the tip glowed with a strange orange ... Jump to full article >>

Brown County Tavern League sells e-cigarettes as alternative to smoking

Tweet In advance of the state’s smoking ban on July 5, the Brown County Tavern League is selling electronic cigarettes, battery-powered devices that use liquid nicotine to imitate a cigarette’s taste and effects. The league began selling the devices in March, and the demand from bars and taverns around the state has been “crazy,” said Brown County Tavern League President Sue Robinson. Made to look like cigarettes, electron ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic Cigarette Safety Not a Real Concern

Tweet While the mainstream media and establishment health organizations attempt to label electronic cigarettes as “dangerous,” most real studies concerning the products have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not. When the electronic cigarette first came on the market in the United States a few years ago, it was largely unknown by the public. When the public became aware of its presence, however, health organizations, bot ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless doesn’t mean it’s safe

Tweet Smokeless tobacco products, also known as chew or “snuff,” are far from a healthy alternative for tobacco users intending to get a nicotine fix without cigarettes, according to a study published by Portland State chemistry professor Dr. James Pankow. His study resulted in an article named “Levels of mint and wintergreen flavorants: Smokeless tobacco products vs. confectionary products,” which was published in a nationwide journal, F ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic cigarette promoted as ‘safer alternative’

Tweet When can a cigarette be legally smoked in a place of business, restaurant, bar or even on a commercial airplane? Anytime would be the answer if the “cigarette” is one of the electronic products now on the market. The “healthier alternative” by Smart Smoker is similar to a patch or chewing gum, as it provides an alternative nicotine delivery system, that is available in pharmacies to help a person in his quest to stop ... Jump to full article >>

Special Interest Deceptions Continue to Rampant About Electronic Cigarettes

Tweet Over the last few weeks there has been an increase of the amount of scare language that is used by e cigarette opposition in an attempt to scare the population concerning the electronic cigarette. Many are questioning the tactics of these groups when the evidence clearly shows that the product is indeed a safer alternative to tobacco according to several studies, lab reports and opinions from top medial and harm reduction specialist around ... Jump to full article >>

‘Electronic’ cigarettes spark several concerns

Tweet Todd Charron began puffing on a battery-powered electronic cigarette as an alternative to his regular Marlboro cigarettes and also to save a little money. “I don’t want to put a positive or negative spin on it,” he said, referring to the e-cigarette, which delivers a preset dose of nicotine, but none of tobacco’s tar, through a vapor mist. “It’s definitely not like smoking a cigarette, but it’s not ... Jump to full article >>

Is That Right? E-cigarettes are “the healthier alternative to smoking”?

Tweet The other day an ad for the SmartSmoker electronic cigarette landed in my inbox. Its text, which surrounded an image of a glamorous woman savoring a smoke, called the e-cigarette “a smart New Year’s resolution” and declared the product “the healthier alternative to smoking.” My first thought was that just about anything would be healthier (or, as I prefer, “more healthful”) than smoking. And this e- ... Jump to full article >>