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Health Department Speaks Out Over “E-Cigarettes”

Tweet They claim to be an “alternative to smoking,” but how safe are the new electronic cigarettes? The battery-operated cigarettes are not FDA approved. The government agency has even stated that some of the chemicals found in the products may be harmful to the user. This is partly why the Grand Traverse County Health Department is warning the public not to be fooled. The department is speaking out after a billboard went up on M-72 i ... Jump to full article >>

NJ Senate Approves ‘E-Cigarette’ Restrictions

Tweet The state Senate voted 38-0 Thurday to approve a bill to apply the provisions of the “New Jersey Smoke Free Air Act” to restrict the use of electronic smoking devices, commonly known as “e-cigarettes.” The bill (S-3053) would expand the definition of “smoking” to include e-cigarettes and extend the ban on smoking by minors to include the use of e-cigarettes.  It would define smoking as the burning or inhaling of tobacco or any ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic ciggies set to give agents a healthy income

Tweet A Long Crendon man is looking for local agents to sell healthier alternatives to tobacco products called ‘electronic cigarettes’, which he believes are set to take off in Britain. Martin Whelan is an independent distributor for inLife, an American company now looking to expand in Europe. He said the firm’s e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, present a golden business opp ... Jump to full article >>