Statistics Stack Up for Smoking Ban

A study released Tuesday shows smoking bans have been linked to a drop in heart attacks. A poll shows more than 60 percent of the 400 registered voters who participated are in favor of a smoking ban.

Topeka, KS (WIBW) – The odds seem to be stacking up for those in favor of a smoking ban in Topeka. A study was released Tuesday that links smoking bans to a drop in heart attacks. The study found a 26 percent drop after one year and a 36 percent drop in heart attacks after three years in areas with a smoking ban.

“Almost all of the effects or benefits occur in non-smokers, but there is some effect for smokers because smoking bans get some of them to stop smoking,” said David Meyers, MD, MPH at the University of Kansas Medical Center who is the lead author of one of the studies.

Two Topeka City Council members say they are still on the fence about the smoking ban. Karen Hiller, Topeka city council district 1, said she believes there is no secret that there is a health issue but the concern is public policy. Bob Archer, Topeka city council district 7, said he wants to hear all sides before he makes up his mind but he has been surprised that more businesses have not spoken to him.

A poll conducted by ASA Marketing revealed 242 people out of 400 of the registered voters in the city of Topeka polled said they were strongly in favor of a smoking ban. That adds up to just over 60 percent. Only 89, or 22.3 percent said they were strongly opposed to the ban.

Both council members say they will make their final decisions after hearing all of the discussion. There is a hearing scheduled for Monday and the council meets Tuesday at 6:00 in their chambers.


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