Spare children evils of smoking: DOH

THE Department of Health said parents should avoid smoking at home to spare their children from the effects of second-hand smoke.

“If your child is frequently getting sick, experiencing headaches, having difficulty in breathing, runny nose, cough and colds, ear infections or allergies, don’t look far. The problem may be right in your home and it may even emanate from parents,” DOH-Tobacco Control Program head Anthony Roda said in a report published by Health Beat.

“Second–hand smoke is particularly dangerous to the health and well-being of children because their bodies are developing. They can absorb higher amounts of the poison in smoke than adults,” he added.

Roda said second-hand smoke is far more dangerous than actual smoking since “it is a combination of smoke from burning end of cigarette and the smoke breathed out by the smokers.”

He said their data show that more than 60 percent of Filipino children are exposed to second-hand smoke. He also said children who see their parents smoking are more likely than those who do not to try cigarettes later and become regular smokers.


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