Various Smoking Quitline groups across the United States confirmed speculations that the hike in federal taxes on tobacco products which boosted levies to $1.01 per pack would lead more smokers to quit. Or at least contemplate on kicking the habit.

Free & Clear, which runs quit phone services in 17 states, reported their call centers received 3,25 calls on Wednesday, which is a 369 percent rise compared to last year. Ten of 11 quitlines owned by the American Cancer Society logged a 163 percent increase in inquiries compared to the same period in 2008, according to USA Today.

The North American Quitline Consortium offers advice and free nicotine patches, gum and lozenges in 50 states and Washington, D.C. to Americans who want to quit smoking. Linda Bailey of the consortium confirmed most of their callers made the decision to stop lighting up because of higher cigarette prices.

Bailey explained counseling boosts the chance of the nicotine addict to succeed in his resolve to stop smoking by 16 percent, compared to a 3 percent success rate for those who stay away from tobacco on their own. Combining counseling and medication would further boost success rate to 30 percent.

Health experts forecast 1 million American smokers will stop smoking and 2 million youth will not start the habit at all because of the 62 percent rise in federal tobacco taxes.

Aside from higher tobacco taxes, more scientific and medical studies pointing to the ill effects of cigarette smoking are leading to more U.S. residents finally kicking the habit. According to the website, there are 331 studies in the U.S. with quits smoking as their focus. The 331 trials are in various stages, from recruitment of volunteers to those with completed status.