Smokers In California City Face $100 Fine For Smoking In Apartment, Condo

A town in California became the first in the country to make it illegal for residents to smoke in their apartments and condominiums.

The Belmont City Council voted 3-2 on the ordinance on Jan. 23. It will be enforced by code enforcement officers who will respond to residences if they receive complaints from neighbors.

Smokers face $100 fines if they violate the new law.

Councilwoman Coralin Feierbach, who introduced the ordinance during her term as mayor in 2007, has faced harsh criticism from smokers and other critics of such “nanny state” laws. She said she introduced the law because of complaints from apartment residents who said they could smell their neighbors’ cigarette smoke through the walls and vents.

Other cities in California have banned smoking in certain sections of apartment complexes, but Belmont was the first to enact a total ban, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

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