Smoking Ban Opponents Don’t Understand “Intervene” Decision

Organizers of the smoking ban petition have challenged Secretary of State Chris Nelson’s decision that they didn’t have enough signatures. Now, the American Cancer Society is also joining in that lawsuit looking to finally put a stop to smoking in South Dakota.

The American Cancer Society has intervened because they say the smoking ban supporters need to be represented throughout the judicial process. Opponent to the smoking ban, Don Rose, who owns Shenanigan’s in Sioux Falls doesn’t understand their decision. Don Rose said this evening, “I don’t know why they’ve intervened because they’re the one’s who opened up the door here. They’re the one’s that came to us haggling over whether or not we have the right notary dates.”

Smokers will still be allowed to smoke at least until the court process is over, and the American Cancer Society wants to make sure they are represented in that process.

Jennifer Stalley, the Director of Government Relations for the American Cancer Society said “We’re asking to intervene in the lawsuit because obviously the bigger issue is going to be settled during the lawsuit and during the judicial proceedings and we still believe that there are as many as 1,000 or more invalid signatures.”

It’s not yet known if the American Cancer Society will have the chance to go before the judge but if you let don decide, he’d say let the public vote. “It’s a money issue and it’s a rights issue but it’s worth letting the people vote. It shouldn’t be decided by the legislature and they know if it goes on the vote it may not win and that’s why they’re going to try to intervene,” said Rose.

The judge will begin hearing the case on August 24th in Hughes County.


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