Smoking ban debate heats up

smoking-banAMARILLO, TEXAS — Tuesday will be big day for the bill filed in Austin that would ban smoking across the state of Texas. The House State Affairs Committee is scheduled to hear testimony from the public about the bill. Pronews 7 has learned that Amarillo resident Scott Camarata will be testifying before that committee. Camarata led the group, Speak Out Amarillo, who opposed both attempts to put a smoking ban in place in Amarillo. Camarata was asked by the Texas Amusement and Musicians Association to testify against the state-wide ordinance. Texas Panhandle legislator David Swinford is on that committee as well.

At the same time, the group Smoke-Free Texas will deliver a petition to lawmakers showing that Texans overwhelmingly support the bill. They say that it provides comprehensive, statewide protections from second hand smoke.

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