Philip Morris Int. Launches Womanly Marlboros

Philip Morris units located in Eastern Europe recently introduced a new product – Marlboro Gold Edge, a super slim addition to Marlboro brand portfolio.

An unbelievable fame of slimmer smokes across Eastern Europe has encouraged the major cigarette makers to launch more slim brands. And even the makers of Marlboro cigs could not stand aside from this tendency. So, they decided to create such a cigarette, which will satisfy the demand in the rapidly growing category of slim cigarettes.

In the lat weeks of 2009, Philip Morris Int. manufacturing units based in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic have started selling their latest item – slim Marlboro cigarettes in laconic and stylish Black and Gold packs. The novelty is named Marlboro Gold Edge.

The newest extension of legendary brand family has almost nothing in common (besides premium quality) with ordinary king-size Marlboros that were traditionally aimed for male audience. Philip Morris launched Marlboro Gold Edge, after looking into the annual market analysis that displayed a slight slump in the regular-size cigarettes segment, and an extraordinary growth of slim cigarettes segment, which grew by over 30% within the last three years and keeps growing.

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Marlboro Gold Edge Cigarettes offers a delicate flavor and slim frame

Prior to the latest launch, Marlboro brand was mainly linked with male smokers, but the new arrival will be intended for female smokers, since Marlboro Gold Edge offers a delicate flavor and slim frame.

PMI is the number one cigarette company across Eastern Europe accounting for 33% share of local market, selling such world-famous brands as Marlboro, L&M, Virginia and Parliament.

Ursula Lasa, Philip Morris Poland communications manager, admitted that the introduction of Marlboro Gold Edge across the area shows the tobacconist’s wish to keep up with the latest market tendencies and fitting the demands of adult smokers willing to consume slimmer products.

According to Japan Tobacco Int. Ukraine spokesman Tomas Novak, slim cigarettes segment has showed a tremendous popularity in Eastern Europe. Statistics shows that this category gained 15% in 2009, while the entire cigarette market remained flat last year.

In Eastern European countries slimmer-sized cigs were so hugely successful since women smokers have been switching to them from king-sized cigarettes. However, in several countries slim cigarette had their fair share of popularity among male smokers as well.
As of January, 2010, slimmer cigarettes comprised more than 20% of total cigarette market. That is a 60% growth from 2005. And that change could not be left without attention from tobacco giants.

In 2005, Japan Tobacco International became the first cig-maker to introduce slimmer cigarettes, named Glamour. The brand achieved such outstanding popularity, that other cigarette makers didn’t hesitate to introduce similar slim additions to their major brands.

Thus, British American Tobacco introduced Pall Mall Slims and Kent Nanotek, Philip Morris brought Parliament Slims and L&Ms, while Japan Tobacco extended its leadership in the slim segment with Winston Super Slims and Monte Carlo Slims.

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  1. Jane_J says:

    These smokes are great! Received them several days ago, and fell in love with them. Finally, PMI has made a female cig with a gentle taste, as other Marlboros made me cough

  2. Alex says:

    Good cigarettes, I liked! Find a smoker, I recommend to all

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