Pall Mall and Vogue have new faces as BAT changes pack-design

Last Month British American Tobacco, one of the world’s leading tobacco companies, introduced new styles of its best-selling brand Pall Mall and modified the design of the packs of Pall Mall and Vogue.

Pall Mall is one of the most outstanding tobacco products in the history of global tobacco industry. It was launched in 1899 in the USA and today it is selling in more than 60 markets being the fifth best-selling brand in the world with great heritage and brilliant quality.

The new varieties of Pall Mall brand are launched in the most popular categories: Super Slims and compact king-size. Namely these two are the only growing segments in the international cigarette market, so the Pall Mall line extensions are expected to be highly successful, said Anna Evtimova, communications director for BAT Poland.

New style Pall Mall Cigarettes

New styles Pall Mall Cigarettes

Slim and Super Slim cigarettes were launched in European market in the late 1990s, mimicking the famous ‘100s cigarettes hugely popular in the U.S. The longer cigarettes achieved such an astonishing success that currently all major tobacco companies have super slim brands. For instance, BAT sells Vogue, Pall Mall Slims, Kool, Capri and other brands in Super Slim category.

The introduction of another line of Pall Mall cigarettes – Pall Mall Nanokings will be accompanied by promotional campaigns and advertisement in mass-media, points of sale and in the web. Compact king-size cigarettes make up the latest-created segment in the market, and many smokers are still not aware about it.

The first Compact King Sized cigarette that hit international tobacco market was fellow BAT brand, Kent Nanotek. The cigarettes included in the segment of compact king-size are 83-mm-long, but only 5mm-wide comparing to the 7-mm-diameter of regular king size cigarettes.

Currently, British American Tobacco occupies second position in Compact King Size segment, behind Philip Morris International which sells three brands in that category: L&M-83, Marlboro Gold Edge and Parliament Reserve. However, with the launch of Pall Mall Nanokings things are likely to get better for BAT.

The recently-introduced line of Pall Mall products includes the following varieties: Pall Mall Super Slims Blue, Pall Mall Super Slims Amber, Pall Mall Nanokings Blue, Pall Mall Nanokings Amber.

In conformity with the 2008 European Tobacco Market Analysis, Pall Mall market share constituted 8.1 percent of the market. In the same year mid-value market category (with Pall Mall being the second-best seller) added 1.7% percent to its market share in comparison with the same period a year before and ended up with 26.4% of the market.
British American Tobacco has also launched Vogue brand in modified pack designs. Though, the flavor characteristics didn’t change, the packs became more glamorous and expressive, reflecting the stylish nature of these premium quality cigarettes, according to Anna Evtimova.

Vogue is the top-selling brand in the premium Super Slim segment, however British American Tobacco is willing to keep up with the customers’ desire to have a chic and refined product in stylish and laconic pack,” she added.

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    I can only smoke the vogue SLIM, I can’t smoke any thicker cigarette. Will vogue slim although new packet still be a slim cigarette?

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