SMOKERS may soon be banned from their last refuges of pub beer gardens and doorways.

tobacco smoking

Experts have found that bar staff are in just as much danger from passive smoking on patios as indoors.

Scientists measured air quality in areas outside bars and found extremely high concentrations of cancer-causing chemicals.

They say only a complete ban will adequately protect workers from second-hand smoke.

The team from Toronto University in Canada carried out a sample of 25 bars with outdoor patios in the city and found that levels of cancer-causing particles in outside smoking areas were potentially enough to cause heart problems.

The researchers said their findings proved bar workers passing through outdoor smoking areas were subjected to high levels of second-hand smoke.

The study published in the US journal Preventive Medicine said: “Bar workers are not adequately protected from second-hand smoke exposure where smoking is permitted on outdoor patios.

“Bans in outdoor areas are needed to provide full protection for hospitality workers.”


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