Saskatchewan bans sale of tobacco, related products in pharmacies

tobacco products in pharmacies REGINA – It’s no April Fool’s joke — the Saskatchewan government is banning the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products in pharmacies.

The ban is effective Thursday, April 1, and the fine for breaking the law is $500.

Selling tobacco or tobacco-related products will also be prohibited in a retail store, if a pharmacy is located in that store or if customers of a pharmacy can directly access the area in which tobacco products are sold.

Health Minister Don McMorris said in a news release that pharmacists promote good health and selling a product that is known to cause significant health problems is a conflict.

Dawn Martin of the Pharmacists’ Association of Saskatchewan says most pharmacies in the province don’t sell tobacco.

But she says the legislation ensures that pharmacies continue to be consistently recognized as trusted places to go for help and advice on medications and healthy lifestyle choices.

The enforcement of the ban will be handled by Health Canada Tobacco Enforcement officers.

Saskatchewan also bans smoking in vehicles with children under the age of 16, around doorways, windows, and air intakes of public buildings, and all tobacco use on school grounds.


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