Restrictions on Tobacco Sales in San Francisco

Despite the fact that the attempt to increase California’s smoking age to 21 stumbled several weeks ago in the state Assembly, that won’t prevent several San Francisco lawmakers from seeking to enforce stronger polices for young vapes and smokers at the local level.

Today the Supervisor Scott Wiener and co-sponsors Supervisor Eric Mar and Malia Cohen will present legislation to increase the purchasing age for smoking products in San Francisco from 18 to 21.

And when Wiener states “tobacco┬╗, he is not only talking about cigarettes or cigars: he also implies e-cigs and any vaping products.

In an email to SFist, Wiener claims that his legislation will hurt even under 21 vapers automatically, as “Last year, under guidelines written by Supervisor Mar, e-cigarettes were categorized as cigarettes under our Municipal Code.” Therefore, if you are a 19-year-old e-cig lover, it just could signify that not tobacco until 21.

If the legislation goes by, as Wiener considers it will, San Francisco will be the second biggest US city to increase the smoking age to 21. New York City has already bumped their smoke-buying age to 21 in 2014, and the whole state of Hawaii brought up the age a year ago.

Based on the Chron, around 80 cities all over the country have increased the cigarette sales age to 21, as well as Santa Clara County and Healdsburg. The Healdsburg situation is intriguing: Even though the legislation approved, after legal provocations from the National Association of Tobacco Outlets, it was halted in October of this year.

San Francisco is no stranger to legal cases with tobacco companies, even though – after the Supes voted to prohibit tobacco sales in pharmacies in 2008, Philip Morris USA started a legal case against the city, declaring that the regulation infringes its First Amendment power to free speech.

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