Raising tobacco tax would lead to fewer smokers

Regarding “Cig-nificant: State’s smoker rate continues to soar”. You ask if higher tobacco taxes and more restrictions on smoking in public places would “significantly reduce smoking prevalence.”

A recent study of Australians indicates that a tobacco tax increase of 50 percent would cause three-fourths of smokers to try to quit and 60 percent of smokers to smoke fewer cigarettes. In addition, 81 percent of all adults would approve of increasing the tax on cigarettes “if the money went toward services to assist smokers to quit smoking.” More than 60 percent of current smokers were in favor of a tax increase on cigarettes.



Oklahoma isn’t Australia, but increasing the cost of cigarettes and trying to help smokers quit seems smarter than making cigarette package warnings scarier than they already are.

Vic Presutti, Dayton, Ohio

Oklahoma last increased its tobacco tax in 2004.

source: Newsok.com

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