Prestonsburg Smoking Ban Takes Effect


PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WSAZ) — If you want to smoke in Prestonsburg, you’ll have to do it outside or at home.

Monday was the first business day since the smoking ban started.

Most supporters say it is a health issue, but others say their rights are being violated.

Harold Burchell smoked for 18 years. He gave up the habit, and is glad Prestonsburg restaurants are now smoke-free.

“I do believe people have a right to smoke, that would be their choice. However, I also understand the medical problems caused by smoking,” Burchell said.

Jerry Stone is not a smoker, but says the ban doesn’t really concern him one way or the other.

“It doesn’t affect me either way. I don’t mind if people smoke. But I don’t smoke, so I’d like it if they don’t,” Stone said.

Prestonsburg Mayor Jerry Fannin says smoke-free buildings are better for everyone.

“What’s the best for the majority of people, and like I said this was a health issue. That’s the reason that council decided to go non-smoking,” Fannin said.


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