Pregnancy helped Dawn Taylor kick the smoking habit

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MUNCIE — The Tobacco-Free Coalition of Delaware County has been helping residents quit smoking for several years.

For the past year, The Star Press has published success stories from people who have successfully quit smoking.

“Success stories are a fantastic way to give hope to those who are burdened by the nicotine addiction,” said Cecilia Williams, coalition program coordinator. “Since one of the biggest challenges parliament smokers face is (believing) that they can quit, these stories will provide testimonies of those who believed that they could quit and succeeded.”

Another success story:

Name: Dawn Taylor

Occupation: student, Ivy Tech

Number of years smoked: 20-plus

Number of years smoke free: 4 years

What made her start: “I had a sister who was 2 years older than me and I wanted to do everything she did. So when she tried smoking at 12 years old, I tried smoking when I was 10.”

What encouraged her to quit smoking: “When I was pregnant with my second child, I would get sick when I smoked a cigarette and decided not to smoke during the rest of my pregnancy.”

Some things that helped her quit: “Seeing the benefits of being a nonsmoker.”

Advice for someone who wants to quit: “Talking to people and finding someone who will support your effort to quit.”

Quitting tobacco use can change your life just like Dawn’s. Call 281-2745, ext. 22 to receive information on local cessation resources or to share your success story, or call Indiana’s toll-free tobacco quitline at (800) QUIT-NOW to receive individual counseling and free nicotine replacement therapy while supplies last. You can also visit for information about the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Delaware County.


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