Petition for Springfield smoking ban requires additional signatures

A petition to put a comprehensive smoking ban before Springfield voters was short more than 400 signatures Monday, leaving supporters 10 more days to gather the number needed for an April vote.

At least 1,181 signatures from registered city voters are needed to put the issue on the ballot. Staff at the city clerk’s office last week began validating signatures turned in Wednesday.

“I think they’ve certified over 700” as of Monday, said Josh Garrett, a spokesman for the group Clean Air Springfield, an outgrowth of One Air Alliance that is organizing the petition effort.

Garrett said signatures certified as of Monday are “just the first batch.”

“A bunch of people have them throughout the community, so as we collect them we’re turning them in to the clerk’s office,” he said.

The initial return from the clerk’s office means supporters by law now have 10 days to turn in the remaining signatures needed, a goal Garrett said he was “very confident” would be met.


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