Outdoor Smoking Ban Gains Support at City Hall

smoking ban

LOS ANGELES — It may soon be even more difficult for smokers in the City of Los Angeles to light up outside. A new, strict, outdoor smoking ordinance is gaining support at City Hall.

A city council committee expressed support Tuesday for the ban, but ordered several changes to the ordinance before sending it to the full council for approval. The council could consider the measure as early as next month.

City code already prohibits smoking in parks, farmers’ markets and on city beaches, while state law bars customers from lighting up inside restaurants. Other cities have imposed far more restrictive bans; Calabasas, for instance, prohibits smoking in public areas.

The legislation authored by Councilmen Greig Smith and Dennis Zine would ban smoking within a 10-foot radius of outdoor dining areas. The proposed no-smoking area around mobile food trucks and food kiosks would extend for 40 feet. Bars, private events and nightclubs serving customers older than 18 would be exempt.

Smokers who violate the policy — or businesses that do not post proper signs about the restrictions — could face fines of up to $250. But the proposed ordinance does not specify which city agency would enforce the law.

If the policy is passed by City Council, restaurateurs would be asked to post signs explaining the restrictions during a six-month public education period.

source: http://www.ktla.com

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