OfficialWire: Light Up In A Healthier Way

If you are a smoker, you must know that not only nicotine harms your health. Lung cancer and other health problems are caused by Cigarettes. Cigarette companies thus try to decrease tar level in cigarettes, but it is impossible to just throw it away. Tobacco can’t be grown to contain only nicotine, and there are no methods of tobacco refinement that is capable of removing those carcinogenic elements. However, while there is no way to grow tobacco without harmful tars, there is a way to produce cigarettes without them.

The electronic cigarette will then allow the smoker to “go through the motions” of discount cigarette smoking without the major risks associated with smoking and tobacco use in general. Without tar content, no passive smoking, no pollutants and no real smoke, the electronic cigarette is exempt from the current smoking ban laws!

The smoker can inhale and blow out simulated “smoke” (actually vapor) which tastes & feels just like real smoke! Nicotine is carried by this vapor to the lungs, giving immediate satisfaction and eliminating cravings. This unique feature makes it much easier to quit smoking. The electronic-cigarette can be used around those who does not smoke and in virtually all public places, without environmental pollution or risk to others, as only water vapor is given off, it is more cost effective than many stop smoking aids.

“A battery powers the electronic cigarette. Energy produced by battery is enough to heat the nicotine inside and to produce smoke like usual cigarettes do. No harmful tars; only that pure nicotine, in some small concentrations of course. It is like nicotine gums, only much more effective. It can be helpful for somebody who wants to stop smoking, or at least make smoking less harmful than it is now.”

“When air flows through the device, microprocessor will detect it. Then microprocessor will then activate an atomizer which injects tiny droplets of nicotine into the air flow. To satisfy body cravings, nicotine will then be carried down. And when you exhale these results in a vapor mist. The addition of propylene glycol to the liquid makes the mist better resemble cigarette smoke. It simulates smoke and the temperature of cigarette smoke.”


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