No Smoking Day? There’s an app for that

Facebook and iPhone applications can help you stub out your smoking habit

Are you one of the more than 2 million smokers ready to quit on No Smoking Day? Then today is your day! Don’t worry, you won’t be alone as there is an app for it – well, several. And this is how you can call it a day:

First of all, you install the WeQuit Facebook app to let everybody know what your are up to. It’s best to grab one of your chain-smoking friends for a competition. The Facebook version of WeQuit helps you to reward your friend if they achieve success and punish them in case of failure, perhaps by throwing a sheep at them. You can also use WeQuit to bet your Facebook friends to see who can give up for longest, or sponsor someone to quit to raise money for charity.

Secondly, you can use your iPhone to download a free NHS Quit Smoking app. Here a real-time counter keeps track of the money saved – a significant amount considering the cost of cigarettes. It also displays the minutes, hours and days you’ve been smoke-free.

If you are in danger of a relapse, a button on the app can connect you to an adviser on an NHS helpline. If not, you might find some solace in downloading the No Smoking PhotoBook for £1.19 to show you beautiful “no smoking” signs from all over the world.

Good luck!


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