New Innovation Could Soon Free Non-Smokers from the Fog

LUCERNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A Swiss innovation is flying in the face of the economic recession and proving that a rethink is necessary even in difficult times. A Swiss company is seeking to make a name for itself with a new idea to protect non-smokers through innovative thinking and, at the same time, enable smokers to continue consuming their nicotine.

Buoyed by a great deal of self-confidence and harboring high expectations of generating substantial profits, Olig AG set out to protect non-smokers in a not entirely altruistic fashion. According to Marcel K├Âller, member of the Board of Directors, the company is now in a position to manufacture a smokefree cheap cigarette which looks like a conventional cigarette, produces heat, contains tobacco and nicotine and does not give off any irritating smoke. In addition, the cigarette does not require any external energy sources.

The only drawback is that, just like the traditional cigarette, the new one is a throwaway product, which will probably please the refuse industry as well.

This fact will not however deter inveterate smokers who still wish to fulfill their need, anytime, anywhere, from consuming tobacco. The whole smoking ritual will have been completed anyway.

According to the company, talks with various international manufacturers and associated companies from the Far East are already under way. Further, interesting contacts in the Near and Middle East and North America have reportedly been made. Olig AG stated that all the parties involved had agreed to remain silent on how the talks were progressing.

Several announcements on market launches of smokefree have already been made. Hopefully, the scientific institute elected by Olig AG to help develop the product will make an extra effort to establish the product and accelerate its rapid launch onto the market. It will then be available to everyone, everywhere.


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