Masked Men Continue Robbing Tobacco Outlets

Word is quickly spreading to owners and workers of Discount Tobacco stores in Murfreesboro: Masked men toting guns have robbed at least a half dozen of the tobacco outlets. The latest robbery happened Sunday, when a robber fired a shot at the store clerk when he couldn’t open the cash register.

“Both together had guns,” said Emad Daoud, clerk of the Y & H Discount Tobacco and Beer Outlet.

According to the clerk, the robbers tried to force him to open the cash register. He was so nervous he couldn’t get it open. That’s when one of the robbers wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Shot Fired At Murfreesboro Store Clerk

Shot Fired At Murfreesboro Store Clerk

“One shoot inside the store,” said Daoud.

That robber fired one shot in the direction of the clerk, he said. The two men then grabbed the cash register and left the store.

“What makes this dangerous, again, is they fired another round inside the store — very dangerous individuals,” said Maj. Clyde Adkison of the Murfreesboro Police Department. “This is becoming, if it is the same people, the very same M.O.”

Over the past few weeks, several buy cigarettes kent in Murfreesboro have been robbed. Police said they believe the same two men could be responsible. Police said the robbers in one store burglary also fit the description of the two men who fired a shot inside the Dollar General on Cason Lane.

“One of these times, something is going to go wrong, and they are going to shoot somebody or kill somebody,” said Adkison.

A police K-9 was able to pick up a scent and tracked it to Kingwood Apartments. Police said they found a jacket, hat and receipt tape believed to be from the cash register, but no suspects.

The robbers’ faces were covered with masks. Police are looking for them, hoping to catch them before they strike again.

Anyone who can help police identify the robbers could receive a cash reward by calling Crime Stoppers at 893-STOP.


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