Man accused of beating woman to death after being denied cigarette

The first homicide in recent Storey County history was allegedly committed Sunday night because the suspect was denied, officials said.

Killed was Eileen Pruitt, 47, who succumbed to injuries suffered from a fatal beating, allegedly at the hands of 22-year-old Ryan Bonnett, 22.

Storey County Assistant Sheriff Gerlad Antinoro said witnesses reported that Bonnett brutally beat Pruitt after she denied his request for a cigarette.

Pruitt was taken to Renown Regional Medical Center where she died following surgery.

Bonnett is being held without bail in the Storey County Jail on suspicion of open murder. Records show he was arrested in Reno in 2007 with a group of men on suspicion of resisting arrest related to fleeing a vehicle during a traffic stop. The disposition was unknown Monday.


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