Madonna & A Shirtless Jesus Luz Cuddle In Brazil (VIDEO)

Only a week ago Madonna reportedly dumped her toyboy lover after running out of things to say.

Not that there was much conversation going on as they got stuck into a passionate embrace as they were reunited in Rio de Janeiro this week.

The 51-year-old mother-of-four looked as though she was desperately trying to reclaim her youth as she and 23-year-old Jesus Luz kissed on some stairs of a nightclub seemingly oblivious to their fellow partygoers.

And while 30 years ago she knew how to get into the groove, last night she was happy to sit back and let Jesus enjoy himself with his friends at the sweaty venue.

After getting their music fix, the couple were escorted to a waiting car and driven back to their hotel.

Last week it was reported Jesus had dumped Madonna because they had nothing in common.

But after her arrival in Rio for the carnival earlier this week, she reunited with the Brazilian model over an Italian dinner on Tuesday night.

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